Ussunny C50 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Review

Support resolution: 4k
Brightness: 500ANSI/12500 LM
Contrast ratio: 15000:1
Image Tech: 5” LCD TFT Display
Maximum screen size: 300 inches
LED life: 100,000 hours
Wireless function: Bluetooth & 2.4G/5GWiFi
Keystone correction: 4D and 4P
Zoom function: 100%-50%

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The excellent 500 ANSI lumens /12500L brightness, 1920×1080 high-definition, contrast ratio of 15000: 1, and amazing color reproduction of the Ussunny C50 video projector offer Breathtaking Clarity, ideal for the home. Ussunny C50 movie projector has a real 1080P quality and can play 4K movies from phones and laptops. You may also stream Netflix and Disney using a TV stick (not included).

Ussunny C50 Projector Specs

Support resolution: 4k
Light source brightness: 500ANSI/12500 LM
Contrast ratio: 15000:1
Image Tech: 5” LCD TFT Display
Maximum screen size: 300 inches
LED life: 100,000 hours
Wireless function: Bluetooth & 2.4G/5GWiFi
Color Gamut: 91%
Keystone correction: 4D&4P
Zoom function:100%-50%
HDR10: Support
Projection Mode: Front-Desktop/Rear-Desktop/Front-Ceiling/Rear-Ceiling
Wireless streaming: IOS, Android, Windows10, Laptop, Tablets
Wired streaming: HDMI / AV / USB, connect to various devices like TV Stick, X-BOX, PS4, PC, Laptop, USB etc.

Upgraded 1080p Optical Glass Lens with No Edge Blur: Ussunny C5 home theater projector employs the newest full-screen technology and 3rd generation Optical Glass to produce sharp and spectacular image quality while ensuring the screen edges are as clear as the center without blurring. The C50 home entertainment projector has HDMI, USB, AV, and 3.5mm audio output. It can be linked both wirelessly and wiredly. The architecture of the HDMI and USB ports facilitates the connection of TV sticks, PCs, laptops, MacBooks, cellphones, Blu-ray disc players, PS3, PS4, Wii Xbox gaming consoles, and HDR.

Quick and stable Ussunny 1080P Native WiFi Projector features both 2.4G and current 5G two-channel wifi, which has a greater wireless speed, larger range, and smoother transmission than those with just one channel. The C50 Bluetooth projector, equipped with the newest Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1 technology, can not only connect to speakers but also to mobile devices and function as a speaker.

4D/4P Keystone Correction, Side Projection, and 50% Zoom Function: This portable projector has the cutting-edge 4D/4P Keystone correction. It can alter the vertical and horizontal angles by 50 degrees and supports side projection, so you can view from practically any angle. Ussunny C50 outdoor movie projector has a zoom-out mode that ranges from 100% to 50%. We could lower the picture size to 50% without relocating the projector. It also enables front, back, and ceiling projection and has a 360° flip feature.

USB presentation and 3-YEAR WARRANTY: When other projectors just accept text format and must be connected to a laptop/PC to display Excel/Word/PDF. The C50 Smart projector can play Excel/Word/PDF files from a USB stick. Bye-bye to complex connections and hello to more efficient small conferences. Ussunny offers a 6-month money-back guarantee, a 3-year warranty, and lifelong expert technical support. If you have any troubles, please contact our Amazon shop at any time.

Why Should You Buy Ussunny C50?

1. Stunning Image Quality: The C50 video projector has a native 1920*1080 resolution, supports 4K UHD Max Resolution, and has a contrast ratio of 15000:1, resulting in an excellent and vibrant projected picture.

2. Ultra Bright Picture: The C50 movie projector has an exceptional brightness of 500 ANSI / 12500L Lumens and an Upgraded 1080p Optical Glass Lens, which can produce 50% brighter than other projectors and without any blurring.

3. Using the most recent 5G/2.4G WiFi and Bluetooth technologies, Ussunny C50 projector with wifi connection is more simpler to use and provides lag-free visual performance. And, thanks to the 5.1 Bluetooth chips, the C50 portable projector can link to your external speakers to provide excellent sound quality. Furthermore, in addition to being a projector, the C50 can function as a Bluetooth speaker!

4. Easy Image Adjustment: 4-Point Keystone Correction Function (50° for Four Angles), allowing you to enjoy your favorite movie from practically any angle. The C50 home projector also has a zoom capability that ranges from 100% to 50%. You may lower the picture size to 50% without moving the projector.

5. Efficient conference experience: The C50 Full HD projector can read PPT/Excel/Word/PDF presentation files directly through USB. To project Excel/Word/PDF, you do not need to connect the projector to a laptop/PC.

6. Award-Winning Customer Service: Standard 1-Year Limited Device Protection and Full Unit Replacement with free technical phone assistance for the life of the product. If there are any difficulties, please contact our shop. We will always be there for you.

Ussunny C50 Bluetooth Projector Adopted Creative Bidirectional Bluetooth Technology: Ussunny Bluetooth Projector Adopted Creative Bidirectional Bluetooth Technology. It may connect to external speakers and earbuds as a projector to provide higher sound quality. It is not just a projector, but also a speaker; it can connect to your phone through Bluetooth and play music from your phone, something other 1080P projectors cannot.

HDR10-Compatible: Enhance your viewing experience with hyper-realistic HDR details on massive Full HD 1080p projected pictures.

The inbuilt HDR10 technology aids the C50 in delivering a good contrast ratio, guaranteeing that your material is always crystal clear and rich in color depth. Use the C50 hd movie projector to experience the breathtaking cinematic display.

Advanced 91 percent NTSC: Currently, the color gamut of gadgets on the market ranges from 45 percent to 72 percent. However, the Ussunny C50 smart projector has achieved an astounding color gamut of 91 percent. It can show up to 17 million color ranges and 100% RGB color signals for each picture. The vividness of the image has been greatly increased with rich colors, making the excessive color in the picture more natural and successfully avoiding distortion and color blocks. The level is clear, and it may display more details, bringing the impression closer to reality.

Real 2.4G/5G WiFi Wireless connection: The C50 WiFi projector can show the IOS, the content screen of the Android smartphone, on a big projection screen without the need of a wireless dongle, adapter, or cable. The C50 home projector provides wireless independence, allowing you to enjoy games, films, TV shows, photographs, sports games, UEFA Champions League, and other content while hanging from the ceiling.

Office Software Compatibility for Small Conferences: Unlike other LCD projectors, the C50 video projector can read Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files straight from your USB Stick. Simply save your work on a USB memory stick, then plug it in and play it. Other projectors just accept text format and need a connection between the projector and a laptop/computer to display ppt/excel/word/pdf.

4P/4D 50° Keystone Correction: Most 1080p projectors only provide 15° vertical keystone correction or 4D keystone correction (both horizontal and vertical). The 4D Keystone Correction can only modify the vertical or horizontal directions for two options, however the 4P Keystone Correction recognizes that the four angles of the image may all be modified individually, making it more practical, convenient, and user-friendly! Using the remote, you may effortlessly change four corners of the screen 50° vertically and horizontally. 4P Keystone Correction simplifies the process of projecting perfectly aligned pictures from a range of places. It allows the presenter to stand in front of the screen without obscuring the view if the projector is set off-center. Adjust in any direction and revel in the liberation of simplicity!

Innovative 50 percent Zoom Function: The ideal zoom capability in a projector is optical zoom. Most LCD projectors lower projection size solely by altering the projection distance, however Ussunny C50 1080p projector enables you to modify screen size by 50% – 100% and 100% -50% without moving the projector (Available when you play videos and images).

Ideal Wifi and Bluetooth Video Projector for HOME THEATER Entertainment: We have always believed that everyone has the right to have a good life. Let the Ussunny C50 home cinema projector kickstart your new high-quality life! You and your brothers and friends could watch and feel the tension and excitement on the court. Watch the exciting Hollywood movie with your family, experience a pleasant home theater, and go to the undiscovered country on the other side of the planet with your partner. Enjoy the movie evenings and remember the best times you’ve had with your family, friends, or loves.

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My Honest Ussunny C50 Projector Review

I got this projector last week and so far it’s been fantastic! So far, I’ve used it every day and have had no problems. It was ready to use right out of the box. The setup was really smooth and thorough. It included with all of the attachments needed to connect any device to the projector. The user interface was really easy to use. It comes with two HDMI choices, an AV option, and two wireless connections in IOS Cast and Miracast. I was able to test the IOS cast with my iPhone and it worked well. The image was clear and there was no lag. I next tried HDMI, and it was similarly flawless. The photographs are very clear. Another feature I enjoy about this projector is the ability to change the zoom and screen tilt. My previous projector did not have this feature. To reach the desired screen size, I had to physically move the physical location of the projector. I can change the zoom on this projector to make it fit precisely on my wall. On the projector, the image you see is a 67 percent zoom. Without this choice, only around 75% of the screen would be visible on the wall. It’s a hit with the youngsters.



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