WiMiUS K3 Review with Specs: 8000L 4K Video Projector

It can create a 50-300 inch big screen with a projection distance of 1.5-7 meters. This projector has two 10W stereo speakers that provide extremely excellent hearing sound. There is no need to install external speakers for indoor usage. You may use a 3.5mm aux wire to connect an external speaker for outside usage.

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WiMiUS K3 projector is +50% brighter than comparable 8000L projectors thanks to superior LED technology. This Full HD 1080p WiFi projector can create deeper blacks and brighter whites, making your projection more vivid and clear, thanks to its native resolution of 1080P (the only one that supports 120Hz), 10000: 1 contrast ratio, and 16: 9/4: 3 aspect ratio, pixel enhancement, and color enhancement technology. P.S. We have just released the new K1 WiFi Bluetooth and WiFi projector.

New 5G WiFi Projector – 4X Faster than 2.4G: We put the most sophisticated wifi chip inside the WiMiUS K3 projector to make it simpler to connect with cellphones and iPads. This new full HD 1080p WiFi projector allows a quicker and 5G fastest wireless connection with IOS and Android systems, offering a smoother video transmission and gaming experience, without the need for USB cables or HDMI adapters. Simply project your tiny screen onto a larger screen wirelessly.

Low Fan Noise and Dual 10W Stereo Speakers: WiMiUS K3 comes with twin 10W speakers that outperform 90% of rival projectors. It will generate stereophonic and audible sounds. You may also connect an external 2.1 sound system for outdoor usage. Among all the WiMiUS projectors, this one has the best sound quality. Furthermore, the fan noise of this model is somewhat lower than that of others, resulting in a calmer movie night.

Other benefits of this home theater projector: 50-500-inch projection screen; 50% reduced fan noise than comparable 1080P projectors; many connection methods, including PC, USB, Fire TV stick, Chromecast, PS3, PS4, and so on; Removable dust filter; 100-75 percent zoom out feature; may be utilized for power point presentations in small-size conferences.

LED with a lifespan of 100,000 hours and a three-year warranty: The WiMiUS K3 projector has Germany’s most reliable LED light, which can last up to 100000 hours. Furthermore, the three-year guarantee may provide you with further peace of mind. Free replacement for the first year. Free repairs for the next two years. There is no need to be concerned about using the WiMiUS projector.

The following are the primary benefits of the WiMiUS K3 wifi projector:
1. Wifi 5G projector: The WiMiUS projector is the first of its kind (other wifi projectors only support 2.4G wifi). You may wirelessly link it to your smartphone. There is no need for an extra HDMI dongle.
2. High luminosity: Among LED projectors under $300, this one shines well in gloomy and semi-dark environments. It is brighter by 50% than comparable 7500 lumen projectors.However, it is not suitable for usage in extremely bright rooms.
3. 1080P native resolution: This HD projector has a native resolution of 1080P. In a dark environment, the picture is extremely clear.
4. Improved speaker: This movie projector has twin stereo speakers that will provide you with a true theater sound impression.

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My Honest WiMiUS K3 Projector Review
I have just purchased the WiMiUS K3. With few internet reviews or YouTube videos to guide me, I decided to take a chance on this projector after thoroughly studying and comparing other projectors in this price range. My main purpose is to have a weekend movie theater experience with my family until we figure out when we will be comfortable returning to the cinema. As a result, my budget was limited to $300. (interestingly, it was slightly less than what I spent in theaters last year).

My aim was to find something that could play the majority of my Blu-ray discs, 99 percent of which are 1080P, and have a high enough contrast ratio and brightness for us to watch throughout the day (in the basement). The WiMiUS K3 met all three criteria, with native support for 1080P, 7200 Lumens, and a contrast ratio of 10000:1. I don’t have any testing equipment to verify anything, so I’ll leave you to be the judge of the images and videos that I’ve posted. The image quality is excellent, and it is very bright!

WiMiUS K3 includes WiFi support in addition to the three capabilities listed above, which means you can stream videos or photos from your phone, tablet, or computer. I was able to connect my iPhone 8 Plus, which was running iOS 13, without any problems. The setup was very simple. This is a fantastic tool for sharing photos and movies from your phone with family and friends.
For visual inputs, the projector includes two HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and a VGA port. Sound output is also supported through AV and headphone ports. I did, however, purchase a 30 ft HDMI cable to connect it to my home theater system for a complete theater-like experience with surround sound.

If your setup does not enable you to connect to an HT system or if you want to enjoy movies in the garden, the projector features excellent built-in speakers. The volume of the built-in speakers on WiMiUS K3 can be changed. You may use the built-in media player to play movies, music, and photos from USB devices.

I’m really pleased with my purchase because of the price and features, and I’ve already seen four movies in a week! In addition to all of the capabilities and image quality, at this price point, it comes with a 3-year guarantee, which is extended by my credit card for an extra two years. I’m looking forward to 5 years of worry-free protection! Now all I need is a popcorn machine.


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