ALLRIER E27 UV Sanitizer Germicidal Lamp Review

The Allrier E27 UV sanitizer germicidal lamp is lightweight and has expedited shipping facility, transit period around 7-12 working days.
The Allrier E27 has no Ozone and hence can be used in bed, room space, object face, regardless of terrible Ozone smell. (Warning: When this lamp-work, skin, and eyes can’t be exposed to the UVC light!!! Must depart the room, turn off the bulb before coming it)

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The Allrier E27 UV sanitizer germicidal lamp can work in any normal screw-in E-27 socket: No special connections required. Remote Control Timer Enables one to no need electronic to light, Therefore reducing light harm to the skin exposure
Warm Tips: When you turn on the Allrier E27 bulb, will instantly have a special smell, it means it functioned, this special smell stems from burnt harmful smalls by the UV C beam, just like in the summer uncovers up to 500-sq ft:50000 hours life-threatening warranty, each bulb passed by 2 review processes.
100% satisfaction & money back guarantee:We vouch for our Allrier UVC bulb’s efficacy and durability. In case you are disappointed with your purchase, then you’re free to return it within the initial 90 days and receive a FULL refund. Riskfree buy, two years quality warranty.
Allrier E27 UVC Germicidal lamp Specifications:

Size: 60W UVC(Timing distant bulb)

Watt: 60W

Voltage: 110V-277V

Wavelength: 254nm bulb

The Allrier E27 germicidal lamp package includes:

60W UV-C bulbs


1. All-purpose UV-C clean lamp: Allrier E27 germicidal lamp may utilize for bedroom, quilt, cushion, bath towel, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, HVAC duct, Toilet, mill, office, school, workshop, etc.

2. Clean: the dirty atmosphere is the chief culprit in causing discomfort to the human body, it is very vital to make use of this UV-C bulb twice per week.

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The way to utilize the Allrier UV sanitizer germicidal lamp:

√ Goods surface: (5 minutes after ). Set Allrier E27 UV sanitizer germicidal lamp within 4 ft of their lighting, such as bottles, cups, toothbrushes, shaver, cell phones, keyboards, and clothing…

√ Small distance: (5 minutes after ). As shoe cabinet, basket, toy box, wardrobe.

√ Small area: (15 minutes once). Such as dog/chicken house, toilet, storage room.

1 review for ALLRIER E27 UV Sanitizer Germicidal Lamp Review

  1. Ellis Sipes

    Really works. Ozone free odor. Best germicidal product.

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