Trkee Ultraviolet Sterilizer Review: UV Disinfection Light

The Trkee Ultraviolet Sterilizer is little in dimension, simple for reaching outdoors.
The Sterilizer suits for making use of in house, preschool, baby room, car, and more. Have a much healthier environment.

SKU: Trkee-7116 Category: Home and Kitchen

Features of Trkee Ultraviolet Sterilizer:
1. Little size, extremely simple to bring outdoors.
2. Fits for making use of in-home, kindergarten, baby room, vehicle, and so on. The Trkee UV Sterilizer have a much healthier setting.
3. Quick-disinfection, just in 15mins for 5 square meters.
4. The Trkee Ultraviolet Sterilizer can do away with scent and formaldehyde to bring back a safe location.
5. USB port for practical charging, easy to use.
Lamp power: 5W
Input voltage: DC5V

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The Trkee UV Sterilizer consisted of: 1 x UV Sanitation Light

1 review for Trkee Ultraviolet Sterilizer Review: UV Disinfection Light

  1. Carmel L Hewett

    Very good item at best price. This is the best UV sterilizer I can find in the market.

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