Yaber YB1 Review with Specs: 1080P 6500 Lumens Projector

Yaber YB1 picture projector supports 6500 lumens, +60% brightness compared to a normal projector that may provide a brighter & broader viewing.

Resolution: 1080P(1920*1080 native)
Contrast ratio: 7000:1
Lamp life: 78,000 hours
Zoom function: horizontal & vertical
Keystone correction: ±15° (via remote)
Speaker: 5W*2
Projection size: 50-300 inches
Power:AC100-240V /50Hz-60Hz

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Yaber YB1 video projector offers 1920×1080 resolution (increased contrast ratio 7000:1), which is four times more detailed than 720P projectors. It supports 6500 lumens, +60 percent brighter than the standard projector, and will offer brighter and broader viewing.

Yaber YB1 Projector Specs

Resolution:1080P(1920*1080 native)
Contrast ratio: 7000:1
Lamp life:78,000 hours
Zoom function: horizontal & vertical
Keystone correction: ±15° (via remote)
Speaker: 5W*2
Projection size:50-300 inches
Power:AC100-240V /50Hz-60Hz

Yaber YB1 Review with Features

Yaber YB1 features with X/Y ZOOM function. It’s possible to cut the projection size by using this X/Y ZOOM feature, while some can only do this by changing the projection distance. YB1 is joined using a high-refraction 6 layers lens that offers high-sharpness picture and accurate color. High-precision milling lens ensures the limpidness and equilibrium of this projector, providing you the ultimate joy of video watching.

Dual Hi-fi Speakers & Latest Advanced Cooling System: Constructed 5W double stereo speakers provide an outstanding listening experience without outside speakers. Yaber YB1 comes with the latest in the advanced cooling system, 3 fans run in the identical moment. By operating at a lower temperature, the lifetime of this lamp is also extended so. As a result of the hottest Smart Economy lamp technologies, the LED bulb saves up to 70% energy, and its lamp life can endure to 70000 HOURS.

300″ Large Screen & Wide Compatibility: Yaber YB1 Home Theater and outdoor projector offers the projection dimension from 50″ -300″ depending on the space (5.6-30.2 feet) and 10.5ft is the recommended viewing distance. Equipped with two HDMI interfaces, 2 USB ports, VGA jack, Video port, Audio-in/out port, this particular projector readily joins with networking players, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, TV Box, Amazon Fire Stick TV, Chromecast, PC, etc.

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Yaber YB1 comes with 3-year free repair & lifetime professional service. YABER provides a 3-month complimentary return and 36 months free repair, technical assistance (24-hour online support), and life-professional assistance. Notice:Any problems (like Picture Blurred, No Sound, Video Unsupported, etc.)about playing videos isn’t a quality problem and can be solved with Firmware Upgrade, please contact YABER through Email, we can always try our very best to resolve all the problems.

My Honest Yaber YB1 Review

This is my first ever projector, and I’m happy this is the one I’ve picked. I bought this for around $150 after the discount, and it’s worth every single dime, and then some.

Originally, when I had Yaber YB1 projector for the first time, there was a dust speck on the inside of the lens that I couldn’t get rid of. Luckily, it was something I found straight away and well in the return time, so inevitably, I called for a fix. The speck was on the bottom left corner of the computer and large enough of an irritation that I had to have it fixed, or it would have made me crazy if it was kept.

For the photo, I have to say that it was remarkably better than I should have wished for at this price point, and the native 1080P signal is pretty sharp. I’m using a 1.3 gain motorized 95″  screen and make sure it shows back a high volume of light and colour and provide a better image, so honestly it looks great even on the wall when I drop the panel down. The projector is sitting on a tripod projector standing about 8 foot apart to fill the screen. But, as you might guess, this isn’t the full projection cap.

I’ve added a video for comparison, but please bear in mind that this was shot with my phone, not a skilled DLSR, so the quality of the photo is not fair. The picture and the brightness is certainly better in person, and before you have one for yourself, you’re only going to have to take my word for it.

I’ve got Yaber YB1 projector linked to the Screenbeam Mini 2 because the signal is being transmitted wirelessly. I haven’t connected this projector to some other source yet, since I’d have to stretch the cable all the way to my projector, because I have a Vizio soundbar with a Klipsh 12″ driven subwoofer. The link would be sloppy if I had to make HDMI straight to the projector, and I wouldn’t be able to use my Klipsh sub so I wouldn’t get a signal. How I got it wired is from my laptop to the soundbar via HDMI ARC, and then to my TV. The Klpish sub is linked to my Vizio TV (my TV supports simultaneous audio output via HDMI ARC & analog audio output, not all TVs support this feature) via a standard red and white (analog) audio cable. Finally, I submit a video signal to my projector through wireless casting to the Screenbeam Mini 2. This is the only way I can accomplish audio and video, because the Vizio soundbar does not enable some sort of remote communication with an external sub (which is very underpowered and small).

This projector works beautifully, and I almost always have some ambient light on the back and the side, as you can see for yourself in the included video and images. Now I’ve never done that in the middle of the day, and I don’t own blackout curtains, because I personally feel like it’s not going to be a fun experience if I do it.

Because Yaber YB1 is 1080P native, it accepts a 1080P signal with zero issues from my desktop. I’ve even played a 4K movie, and my laptop immediately downgrades the signal to 1080P and plays those with no problems. Even though I haven’t tried it, but I feel like if I link up my 4K Sony Blu-ray player and attempt to watch a 4K video, it won’t fit. Not that I’m going to do that anytime fast, if at all, because it’s not designed for 4K anyway, that will only be a waste of my time and effort.

The only complain about I have for this item sound of the fan. It’s a small thing that’s usually missed much of the time. It’s a bit loud, so it’s actually behind our heads to get the full projection to suit Yaber YB1. Of course, I play audio at a reasonably high speed, since that’s the only way I see fit to watch movies on a projector, so it’s not really a hassle at all, unless I concentrate on sound intentionally.

Apart from the minor noise problem, I don’t think Yaber YB1 projector has any major downsides. Now I’ve never contrasted this to any other projector, but I can’t say it’s the greatest hands down. But for the price I paid, I can honestly claim that I am a really satisfied individual with my purchase, and I don’t feel that I need to equate it to any other person in this price category. It’s bright enough, it has a really pleasant image, and it works wonderfully for its intended intent. The next move for me, of course, is to get a 4K screen, maybe even a laser one when the time comes for it.

So, can I suggest Yaber YB1 projector to everyone to buy without the hesitation. The expense of the projector and the screen just put me $250 in front of the tax. A hell of a lot cheaper than any other 1080P TV of the same scale. Plus, it helps me feel like a beautiful movie theater that I enjoy very much during this period of Covid-19. Of note, this doesn’t matter to the Screenbeam Mini 2, Vizio Soundbar, and my Klipsch subwoofer. But this is not the key point of this study.

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  1. Albert M Wyckoff

    This is compact size projector. It gives you decent 1080p resolution. Me and my families satisfied with this projector very much.

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