WiMiUS S6 Review: 1080P WiFi Bluetooth Projector

Brightness: 340 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 10000: 1
Native Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels
Lamp Life: 100,000 hours
Projection Size: Suggest 100-120″ size
Zoom Function: 100%-50% / 50%-100% by step
Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9/Auto

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The WiMiUS S6 projector, with a native resolution of 1920x1080P, produces native 1080p HD images with amazing clarity, vivid colors, and fantastic contrast. It supports up to a 300″ monitor and provides portable cinematic watching pleasure. (The finest vantage point Screen Dimensions: (9-13ft/80-120 inches).

Wireless Screen Sharing for iOS, Android, and Windows 10, as well as USB Cable Screen Mirroring for iOS: The WiMiUS S6 WIFI Bluetooth projector, which has an international 2.4G wifi chip, makes it simple to wirelessly sync screen mirroring with an iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad, or Windows 10 laptop. You may also use a USB cord to connect straight to your iPad or iPhone. (If using a USB cable for screen mirroring, choose “USB signal source.”)

Built-in Hifi Stereo Speaker & Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 Function: Supporting both wired and wireless connections with 3.5mm external speakers, the S6 bluetooth wifi projector significantly improves movie sound quality, achieves the greatest viewing effect, and makes family gatherings more enjoyable.

Multimedia compatibility and a 50 percent X/Y zoom Step by step: HDMIx2 / USBx2 / VGA / AV / 3.5mm Audio Out Jack The Amazon Fire TV Stick, DVD Player, Roku, Xbox, Laptop, MacBook, iOS phone tablets, PS3/PS4/PS5/Wii console, 2.0 External speakers, and other devices are all compatible with the WiMiUS S6 wifi bluetooth 1080p projector. Remote zoom function: Reduce the screen size by 100% -500% in steps. (Projection Set – Picture Set – Zoom Set – Adjust the projection size according to your requirements)

3-Month Money Back & 3-Year Free Repair: If you have any quality issues, the WiMiUS S6 native 1080P wifi bluetooth projector provides a 3-month money-back or a new replacement policy, 3-year free repair, and lifetime professional support. You may contact us at any time by e-mail, phone, or our brand website, and we will respond within 24 hours.

The WiMiUS S6 Upgraded Native 1080P LCD projector outperforms previous 720p projectors by 60%. Both the color and brightness have been improved. The S6 wifi projector has also increased the projected color contrast to 10000:1 in order to restore the actual color of the projection display and provide our clients with vivid movie pictures.
The S6 offers a broad variety of screen sizes (45 “to 200”) to customers, delivering a true cinematic experience (optimal view screen size: 9-13ft/80-120inch screen size).

Increase the zoom to 50%. Step-by-step instructions: [Default Surface Menu – Picture Set – Zoom Set]: 1. Adjust the magnification and then utilize the “Screen Mirroring” feature. 2. The Zoom feature has no effect on the “Default interface menu,” but you will notice a difference after playing movies or images. (You may simply decrease the screen size step by step. It’s ideal for a tiny space, and you can easily adjust the screen size!

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My Honest WiMiUS S6 Projector Review

You’d be hard pushed to find a better deal at the same price. The WiMiUS S6 projector is everything I was looking for in a projector and would be wonderful to use at work. In comparison to the old-school 1024×764 4:3 projector I’ve been using, I’m quite pleased with the visual and audio output quality.

INPUT – Dual HDMI inputs for connecting a DVD or Blu-ray player or a Chromecast or a Firestick or your PC. A pair of USB ports for thumb drives containing photos, movies, and music. RCA inputs for those of you who still have a VHS player (or retro gamers with sweet consoles). The WiFi connection on WiMiUS S6 projector supports MiraCast (slow) and Airplay (much faster), and there is a YouTube app built in.

Brightness – Of course, the image may fade in direct sunshine, but in a typical living area (or classroom) with curtained windows, you’ll have a fantastic view. It is noticeably brighter than the projector I use at work. It is amazing at night.

Mountability – Depending on how it is mounted, the software can adapt.If it’s suspended from the ceiling, you can flip the video upside down. If you put it on a cart (as I will), you can move the small leg in front to the point where it needs to go.

Control -The remote uses infrared technology, so a clear line of sight is required, but it works effectively. It’s convenient to have all of the controls on the top of the unit. It was very simple to navigate the menu system once I read the instructions.

Audio – The WiMiUS S6 projector has much better audio than anticipated. It’s loud enough to fill a room… The best part of this is that you can connect it to Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

WiFi – Most of the time, it worked fine. It cuts out a couple of times, but we also have an extremely patchy internet that cuts out on all of our devices many times each day.

I tried numerous USB drives. The biggest thumb drive I could use was 32GB, but it worked well with mixed files in their respective folders. It seems that the size restriction is 32GB.
Aspect Adjustment – While not a major issue, I was looking through the options, attempting to find out how to convert my trapezoid into a rectangle.After reading the instructions, I discovered that you do this using an adjustment ring near the lens. Depending on how much you have to modify, there may be some distortion…. So…try to maintain your projector at the same height.
This is the second Wimius projector I’ve purchased. I gave my first one away and bought this one for myself. There are no regrets. The WiMiUS S6 fulfills all of my requirements and will be utilized on a daily basis at work. When you consider the price, even the drawbacks are small. I’m going to use this mostly for HDMI and USB, so the other features are just incidental. What a fantastic projector!


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