WiMiUS S1 Review with Specs: 7500 Lux 1080P Projector

The WiMiUS S1 has advantages and its main highlights at the cost transform it into extraordinary compared to other evaluated projectors. It is a generally excellent alternative in case you’re searching for a projector with which you can get a top-notch video at an awesome cost.

The WIMIUS S1 projector is an improved 1080p native projector. We’ve upgraded the brightness, clarity, ntsc, 10W mic, led light, etc. It is not only ideal for home and outdoor enjoyment, but can also be used for corporate usage in limited conference spaces.

The WiMiUS S1 native 1080p projector offers 80 percent + brightness relative to native 720p projectors, 60 per cent + brighter than 4″ 1080p projectors, offering more interactive and higher-definition image quality enjoyment.


WiMiUS S1 Projector Specs

  • Built-in 10W SRS Speaker, 1.5X Louder
  • Contrast Ratio: 10000:1
  • Lamp Life: 100,000 hours
  • 300″ Display Screen: 6 inch LCD Screen, 60%+ Brighter
  • Apple TV / Amazon Fire TV Stick / Roku Stick: Suggest 1080P 30HZ-50HZ
  • ±50° Vertical and Horizontal Keystone Correction
  • Use a “HDMI wifi dongle” for wireless Screen Mirroring
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 / 4:3 / Power: 140W(max) Fits for 100Volt-240Volt

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Enable 4K Videos: The WiMiUS S1 projector allows 4K videos when attached to the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and desktop, but it will scale down to the native 1080P and the image output will be better than the standard 1080 pixels.
Play 1080P 30-50HZ Fire TV Stick, Apple TV Stick

Apple TV/Amazon Fire TV Stick/Xbox/Roku/PS3 PS4 Game Console: The WiMiUS S1 projector will perform the smoothest frequency of 1080P 30HZ-50HZ (no lags and delays), offering more immersive and higher-definition image quality enjoyment (The other native 1080p projectors only runs 30HZ)
NOTE:  If you don’t have a photo while you’re attached to your TV stick, you should reset your TV stick to auto-frequency or native 1080p 30-50HZ.

If you cannot access your files while you are attached to a USB reader, you need to open your videos in the movie menu, open your images in the image menu, and open your music files in the music menu.

Built-in 10-watt stereo speaker and incorporate voice enhancing technology, strong and consistent tone, get into a practical and interactive listening pleasure (You can also connect your external speakers by earphone jack if you need super better sound quality)

300″ Giant Display (6″ LCD Display, Longer-Throw Projection): The WiMiUS S1 offers consumers with a broad variety of screen sizes (45″ to 300″), bringing true film experience (Best View Screen Size: 11.5feet-100″ / 13.1feet – 120″).

Zoom Feature (Reduce frame size by move): WiMiUS S1 supports remote zoom function, you can quickly reduce screen size by 100 percent to 75 percent/75 percent to 100 percent: Default Menu-Picture Mode-Reduce Monitor Size-Adjust image size by step (Can fix problems: Where the width of your space allows the projection size to be greater than your projector screen size)

Simple To Focus: Use the keystone to change the lens to create a rectangular projection frame, then gently move the body lens lever to get the clearest views, please do so until the projector is fixed to the ceiling.

Upgraded Ventilation Device & Last-length 100,000 Hours Lamp: WiMiUS S1 projector has a built-in dual cooling fans with spacious enough routes, side and rear vents offer S1 a complete breathing path and significantly extended life cycle. You can also conveniently clean your projector via side mesh filter or bottom door.

Ceiling Mounted Projector(Use a Universal Mount is OK): WiMiUS S1 comes with 4 Projection Modes: Front/Ceiling Rear/Ceiling/Rear Mounting (Choose the project Mode, flip the image as needed.)

When you place it to the ceiling, please unscrew the rubber pads on the bottom and then attach the projector to be fixed to the ceiling.

How can I match or re-match the remote controller?

Click and hold all volume keys simultaneously before the remote control flashes red and face into the screen, then switching on the projector power until the remote ceases blinking red, which indicates that the match is successful and the remote can be used again.

Box Included: WiMiUS S1 Projector x 1, Lens Cover x 1, Remote Controller x 1, Power Cable x 1, 3 in 1 AV Cable x 1, HDMI Cable x 1, VGA Cable x 1, Remote Controller x 1, User Manual x 1

1. The WiMiUS S1 projector cannot play ppt when attached to the USB reader, you can play PPT files when connected to the PC/Laptop/Tablet.
2. If no photos are linked to the PS3/PS4/Amazon Fire TV Stick/Roku Stick/Apple TV, you should fix the problems soon (1. Re-plug the HDMI cable. 2. Re-set the resolution and frequency to native 1080p 30-50HZ or Auto-frequency.)
3.-Adjust the keystone to render the screen rectangular, then progressively move the focus lens to make it centered.
4. Due to the approval of the market, the color contrast is fixed, you may change it by self-reddening.

My Honest WiMiUS S1 Review

I’ve used quite a few budget projectors, and they all fail one way or the other. Some have a decent image, a bad sound, not enough modification choices, etc. I’m quiet pleased by this tiny projector. Photo is as vivid as any of the high-end projectors, and colors are true to life. Lots of changes possible for concentration, keystone, image and sound. What really shocked me was the sound, just like most flat-screen TVs. On top of that, the seller is incredibly attentive and addresses any queries you may have. Really glad I purchased WiMiUS S1 projector and will suggest it to anybody searching for a budget projector without losing efficiency.

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  1. Joe S Vue

    WOW this is a wonderful projector! We can use it with our roku, dvd player or phone.

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