Vizio M51a-H6 Review: 5.1 Dolby Atmos Soundbar System

Dolby Atmos: Yes
DTS:X: Yes
Total Number of Speakers: 9.0
DTS Virtual:X: Yes
Sound Enhancement: DTS TruVolume, DTS Virtual:X, Dolby Atmos
Speaker Channels: 5.1
System Frequency Response: 45Hz – 20kHz

SKU: VIZ-M51-H6S Category: Speakers

Out of the box, Vizio M51a-H6 soundbar offers a very neutral, balanced sound profile, and its dedicated subwoofer helps to provide a little more kick in the bottom area. There are also a few EQ settings to assist you tailor the sound to your preferences. It also provides excellent surround sound performance because to its dedicated satellites. While it does support Dolby Atmos content, its performance isn’t the best.

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X bring movies, music, and games to life with virtualized 3D surround sound from every aspect, even overhead, transforming every space into a thrilling personal movie theater. These innovations, when paired with the outstanding performance of your M-Series 5.1, will elevate your entertainment experiences to new heights.

Unlock the Highest Quality: Using HDMI eARC, you can transport high-quality audio between your Vizio M51a-H6 sound bar and TV with a single connection and operate your sound bar with your TV remote.

Connect your Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant devices to the speaker bar for an enhanced auditory experience. Tell the device to play your favorite music or tell you the weather, and your sound bar will reduce the level of what’s on-screen to answer with room-filling sound.

Front Surround Mode: Front Surround Mode allows you to relocate the surround speakers to the front of the room if there isn’t enough space behind you. This design also results in a larger soundstage.

Dual Stereo Surround Mode: Vizio M51a-H6 soundbar comes with Dual Stereo Surround Mode which feeds the same music to all of the speakers at the same time, bringing the sound and conversation closer together and is ideal for party situations.

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My Honest Vizio M51a-H6 Soundbar Review

Look I am neither an audiophile or an expert in technology. I watch a lot of television and like fantasy and science fiction films. I just purchased an LG C1 65″ OLED TV to replace a Sony Bravia LCD from 2009. To summarize, I never felt the sound from the C1 was all that horrible given how thin the TV is. But I wanted greater sound and something with more depth/surround/3D than my TV provided. I didn’t want to spend a bunch either.

So far, Vizio m series 5.1 soundbar has blown me away, particularly considering the price of $249. The item arrived in what seemed to be original vizio packaging. Each component was flawless. Setup was mainly straightforward because to the dedicated earc – I later discovered that only one HDMI port on my TV had earc, so I had to switch to that port. No huge deal. The device will go through the process of looking for a connection on each of its many inputs, but you may bypass the search and simply choose the input you want. I’ve now connected my 4K Blu-ray player to the soundbar, which will subsequently connect to the TV. This feature is fantastic (called pass through). The Dolby Atmos system sounds fantastic. I don’t miss the upfiring speeches at all. Granted, I’ve never used them, but the sound from the front (soundbar) and back (tiny satellite speakers + subwoofer) is fantastic! I watched a couple high-action movies using Dolby Atmos and the sound was flawless. It was fantastic and sounded fantastic. WOW. This system is fantastic, and I strongly suggest it. The variety of feedback is fantastic. I like how the power for both the subwoofer and the soundbar is a simple tiny two-prong socket rather than a large adaptor.

The interface / unit indication on the Vizio M51a-H6 soundbar itself is represented by a series of dots. The guidebook on what all the different patterns of dots may indicate is enormous. Fortunately, the remote has a little LCD screen that shows you what you’re doing. Deciphering what the dots are saying takes a WWII code breaker. We’ve have to be able to do better than a sequence of illuminated or unlit dots in 2022. It’s not a major problem, but it’s also not ideal. When you change an input or a setting, it’s as if God’s voice is coming through the vizio soundbars to tell you what you’ve done. Consider God speaking to Moses on Mt. Sinai and saying “bluetooth” or “movie.” It’s much too extravagant.

Because it was rebuilt, I added an additional two years of coverage for $25. I really like Vizio series 5.1 m51a-h6 sound bar system and am happy that I purchased it. If you want a low-cost, high-quality atmos system, and best audio experience this may be it!

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