Lndma UV Light Sanitizer Ultraviolet Sterilizer Review

Made from high transmittance quartz glass material, obvious sterilization impact. Lamp life 8000 hrs, the Lndma UV Light Sanitizer gets rid of odors, dust fragments as well as bacteria which can cause allergies, asthma as well as other sickness.

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Safety Note Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and also eye burns. Stay clear of direct exposure of a long period on the human body. Lndma UV Light Sanitizer requires people and animals waiting outside during disinfection after sanitation is finished it also require to wait more than 40 minutes for ozone decomposition completing. 3rd equipment can be timed 15/30/60 minutes, 10 seconds delay to begin, to make certain people leave safely.
Excellent product Constructed from high passage quartz glass product, obvious sanitation impact. Light life 8000 hours, It removes smells, dirt particles as well as germs which can cause allergic reactions, asthma as well as various other harmful ailments.
High Effectiveness Sanitation lamp UV germicidal aid resolve the issue of disinfection home life. properly covers up to 40 Square meters. disinfect a surface, Round 360 ° Thorough cleans up.
Multifunction Lndma lamp UV germicidal helps address the trouble of sanitation home life. suitable for numerous celebrations tiny rooms like cars and trucks, room, kitchen area, footwear cabinet, washing room, child’s room, family pet house, bathroom, much more space you desire to purify.
Easy to tidy When cleaning the UV light, removed the power and also utilize a tidy, soft fabric or alcohol graze hanged gas and another organic remedy to clean.

This item is not ideal for use by the following individuals (consisting of kids), such as people with physical or mental deficiency or physical decrease, or individuals with not enough experience and understanding.
When using this product, do not enable people to be existing, to avoid injury brought on by ultraviolet radiation to human eyes or skin!
When using this product, get rid of or obstruct plants, do not enable pets to be present, to avoid damages to plants and animals as a result of ultraviolet radiation!
When using this product, get rid of or block valuables such as calligraphy, paintings as well as antiques to stay clear of damage to belongings such as calligraphy, paints, and antiques!

Product Name: Lndma UV Germicidal light
Light Shade: Blue
Light structure material: full metal light stand + heat paint frosted surface area
Tube product: quartz ultraviolet tube
Voltage of Lndma UV Light Sanitizer: 220v
Light body size: 490 * 190mm.
Power: 36w.
Irradiation area: less than 40 square meters.
Mode: ozone.
Adjustable Time Setting: 15mins/30mins/60mins.
Space Size: 10+.

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Recommended Disinfection Time for Lndma UV Light Sanitizer: 15 minutes, such as kitchen, restroom, closet.
Space Dimension: 20+ Advised Sanitation Time: 30 minutes, such as wardrobe, dog/chicken house, bathroom, storage room.
Space Dimension: 64+.
Advised Sanitation Time: 60 minutes, such as living room, dining room, bedroom.
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