Pixio PXC327 Review: 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor

32 inch Screen
2560×1440 Resolution
165Hz Refresh Rate
178˚ Viewing Angle
Anti-Glare screen
FreeSync & G-Sync compatible
Flicker Free, Low Blue Light
VESA 100×100

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The Pixio PXC327 is a curved gaming monitor with a screen size of 32 inches that provides gamers with an immersive gaming experience. The curved aspect ratio of 1800R provides a broader field of vision while also reducing the amount of strain placed on the eyes. Because of this, it is ideal for extended periods of game play.

Support for high dynamic range, sometimes known as HDR, is one of the most notable characteristics of the PXC327. It is capable of displaying a greater variety of colors and degrees of brightness, which ultimately results in a picture that is more realistic and vivid. This is particularly obvious in games that have a lot of dark and light locations, such as sequences set during the night and the day.

In terms of connection, this monitor is equipped with a display port, in addition to HDMI and DVI-D. Additionally, it features an audio out and a USB hub that are integrated right in, making it very simple to connect to your existing gaming rig. The monitor also features an external power supply, which helps to keep the monitor thin and decreases the amount of clutter that would otherwise be on your desk.

The Pixio PXC327 is an excellent option for gamers who are looking for a gaming setup that is both immersive and high-performing. Because of its curved aspect ratio and support for high dynamic range (HDR), it delivers a gaming experience that is more realistic and vivid. Because it is equipped with a display connector, HDMI, DVI-D, a USB hub, and audio out, it is also simple to connect to the system that you already have. Additionally, since the power source is located elsewhere, the monitor may be kept at a more compact size, which in turn helps clear up more space on your desk.

The PXC327A model is the most recent update of the PXC327, and it has enhanced color accuracy, contrast, and brightness. The fact that the PXC327A model comes with a guarantee that lasts for three years offers further reassurance to buyers.

The PXC327 is, all things considered, a top-performing gaming monitor that provides a gaming experience that is both immersive and high-performance. It has a curved aspect ratio, support for high dynamic range, a resolution of 1440p, and a refresh rate of 144Hz, making it an excellent option for gamers who are looking for a top-of-the-line gaming setup. In addition, it has an external power supply and simple connecting choices, making it a practical alternative for setting up a gaming environment that is neat and tidy.

Pixio PXC327 32 inch gaming monitor provides up to 165 frames per second, which decreases eye strain as opposed to a standard 60-frame display, enabling you to see a significant difference in playing. The 165hz refresh rate, which is one step higher than the 144Hz refresh rate, allows ordinary gamers to see a change between their own reaction rates, enabling you to reach optimum efficiency.

This display is compatible with an AMD Radeon FreeSync Premium and G-Sync. Provides tear-free playback at almost every frame rate for smooth gaming. AMD Radeon FreeSync is the next breakthrough in PC gaming efficiency. Works with G-sync Compatible Technology to be manually activated via the Nvidia Control Panel.

Pixio PX247 Review: 24 inch 144Hz IPS Monitor

Conquer the gloom with a contrast ratio of 3,000:1 for darker blacks and more vivid photographs. It can improve overall viewing by deepening the specifics of the dark portion of the game and making it easy to find enemies hiding in dark parts of the map. Allow us to quickly locate enemies who are hidden in the shadows.

Pixio PXC327 reduces digital eye pressure and its detrimental effects on your wellbeing by using the Eye Saver Mode. Flush out unwanted blue light from your monitor with Eye Saver mode to keep your eyes bright and concentrated.

Curved VA technology, 178 Viewing Angle with Anti-Glare screen 165Hz liquid smooth, blur-free refresh rate, FreeSync & G-Sync compliant, Flicker Free, Low Blue Light, VESA 100×100, 32″ WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition) 2560×1440 Resolution Professional Curved VA 165Hz, DisplayPort 1 (48 165Hz)/DisplayPort 2 (48 165Hz)/HDMI (48 144Hz)
Console and PC models are also supported. Displayport cable, control cable, and stand are all included.

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My Honest Pixio PXC327 Review

The big curved panel provides excellent immersion. This is still the biggest monitor I’ve ever used, something I love now that my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. It’s awesome to have so much screen real estate that I can have several windows open at once and still read them all. The image quality on PXC327 display is excellent. I just like being able to see the true quality of the photos I create. Despite the lack of guidance, it was simple to set up.

In conclusion, the Pixio PXC327 is a wonderful option for you if you are searching for a top-performing gaming monitor that provides an immersive and high-performance gaming experience. Because of its curved aspect ratio, support for high dynamic range, 1440p resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and simple connecting choices, it is an excellent complement to any gaming setup. The PXC327A model is the most up-to-date version of the PXC327, and it has enhanced color accuracy, contrast, and brightness in addition to a guarantee that is valid for three years.


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