Pixio PX279 Prime Gaming Monitor Review with Specs

  • 27 inch Flat Gaming Monitor
  • 1920 x 1080p FHD Resolution
  • 240Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Response Time
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology (48-240Hz) & G-Sync Compatible Technology
  • IPS Technology
  • HDR Ready and 400nit Brightness
  • VESA Compatible 100x100mm
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Pixio PX279 Prime 27″ gaming monitor is built for pro play and is fitted with a stunning IPS touchscreen. Now you can experience 1ms of reaction time, lightning quick 240Hz refresh rate and benefit at any angle without skipping a picture. Showcasing a sleek, bezel-less shape factor style, the PX279 Prime has all you need to satisfy all your viewing requirements. Feel like a professional, play like a champ.


The Pixio PX279 Prime gaming monitor will pull up not 144 frames but 240 frames per second, which decreases eye strain exponentially relative to the standard 144 frame display, enabling you to feel an overwhelming change in the game. The 240Hz is the highest refresh rate on the eSports gaming industry. Making it easier for professional players to create out-of-this-world games that audiences love so much.

The ultra-quick 1ms (GTG) reaction time is as fast as it gets. Get the smoothest gameplay you can to get the best out of your favorite fast-paced games and get much more competitive.

Pixio PX279 Prime uses a quality IPS display screen with clearer colors, which is the best match for any variety of apps from general usability to gaming. Experience an immersive viewing angle of 178 degrees. As a few people watch the same monitor, they all share the same hue without flickering.

FreeSync Technology brings an end to choppy gameplay and broken pictures. Experience fluid, artifact-free output at nearly any frame rate. See the latest advancement in PC gaming performance. FreeSync tech in select AMD APUs and GPUs resolves connectivity problems between processors and displays, removing picture tears and clumsiness for seamlessly smooth gameplay.

The Pixio PX279 Prime gaming monitor embraces High Dynamic Range (HDR), adding greater dimension of darkened and lighter pictures. HDR adds beautiful clarity and contrast of shadows and silhouettes. Witness the introduction of HDR technology.

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Specification and Features of Pixio PX279 Prime Gaming Monitor

27 inch FHD 1920 x 1080p IPS resolution HDR Advanced Games Gaming Console
IPS Screen, HDR Ready and 400nit Brightness for rich and detailed contrast
240Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms (GTG) Response Time, AMD Radeon FreeSync (range: 48-240Hz), Flicker Free, Low Blue Light and G-Sync Compliant.
1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x HDMI 1.4,
Monitor & PC platform compliant. Contains Displayport cord, control cable and stand.

My Honest Review on Pixio PX279 Prime Gaming Monitor

If you’re picky on the show for your gaming setup-purchase this. This is the one, seriously. Insanely decent quality at this price point. There are displays out there that you might invest twice as much money on that it won’t match the PX279. Maximum color gamma, strong contrast, ultra fast gray to gray speed, picture quality, super clear image, zero edge bezel, it has it all.


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