Acer Nitro XV270 Pbmiiprx Gaming Monitor Review with Specs

27″ full hd (1920 x 1080) widescreen ips monitor
Refresh rate: 165hz
Response time: 2ms (g to g) up to 0.5ms (g to g)
Amd radeon freesync technology
2 speakers, 2 watts per speaker
ports: 1 x display port, 2 x hdmi 2.0 ports & 1 x audio out (display port cable included)
Connectivity technology: DisplayPort

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Every frame counts in professional gaming. Introducing Acer Nitro XV270 Pbmiiprx gaming monitor-a FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution monitor that will keep up with your game play. Using AMD Radeon technology, the frame rate of the game is dictated by the graphics card, not by the set refresh rate of the display, giving you a serious competitive advantage. Plus, consumers can appreciate a relaxed gaming experience when playing with a flicker-less, low-dimming and ComfyView monitor. The interface saves room on your desk and lets you set up several displays side by side to construct a seamless large-screen view.


Don’t waste a second of the play. With 27″ Glorious 1920 x 1080 (16:9) Max HD resolution to work and play in, immerse yourself in your games in ways you’ve never seen before. When the action gets serious, the trick is accuracy. With a fast 165Hz refresh rate, enjoy ultra-smooth display with smoother frame rendering and lower input latency to make smarter choices, faster.

Render a stuff of the past with the screen tears. Acer Nitro XV270 Pbmiiprx gaming monitor comes with an AMD FreeSync technology and, hence,  frames are seamlessly matched with graphics card frames, providing visually seamless gameplay experiences. Up to 0.5ms of GTG (Gray to Gray) reaction time improved gamers’ in-game experience. No matter how fast-moving the action or any dramatic changes, the XV270 Game Display will be made seamlessly without the distracting results of tingling or ghosting.

With Acer Nitro XV270 Pbmiiprx monitor, achieve true-life precision with 6-axis color correction for advanced editing. You’ll even love the ultimate color game play as it makes the different displays the same color.

Take your pick from a range of gaming and non-gaming styles, each with its own exclusive color profile. Choose from action, racing, athletics, more! There’s no reason to fiddle with keys. Easily change the monitor settings using the View Widget utility.

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My Honest Review on Acer Nitro XV270 Pbmiiprx Monitor

Aside from the fortunate few who received this at the highest price of the day this is a decent offer. Hard to find something else in this resolution, refresh rate, and IPS monitor. When you have it, make absolutely sure to try it. Dead pixel checking and some irregular and uneven backlight leakage. Heard this machine has a poor QC, but luckily I won the system lottery and got a good panel.

Base is nice and robust, built of aluminium, has decent ergo changes (no height adjustment though). Not sure if VESA is compliant, but I don’t need VESA. Acer Nitro XV270 Pbmiiprx gaming monitor has a freesync and standard HDR 400, but unfortunately the panel cannot do both HDR and FreeSync. So I just switch on the freesync and toggle off the HDR, and Imo’s always good. Finally, you should go check the UFO Test page to see the discrepancy between 144 Hz display and 60 Hz display. It’s actually night and day. Don’t play the game at 4k 60 fps. Do 2k 120 fps of gaming instead with this display.


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