Optoma HZ39HDR Laser Projector Review

The Optoma laser home theater projector is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable projector. It offers 4K resolution, HDR compatibility, and easy setup. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty, making it a great investment for your home theater system.

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The Optoma HZ39HDR is a budget 4K HDR projector that offers excellent color accuracy and HDR performance. It’s the best budget 4K HDR projector we’ve tested so far. We purchased the Optoma HZ39HDR so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

4K HDR INPUT: HDR10 and HLG technologies allow brighter whites and deeper black depths for a more immersive picture and video watching experience.

1. 3X zoom and plus/minus 30-degree vertical keystone correction allow for versatile installation; project a 120″ picture from 10′-7″ to 13′-10″ distant.

HOME CINEMA PICTURE QUALITY: 1080p (19201080) resolution (with 4K input) and a staggering 300, 000: 1 contrast ratio provide clear and vivid pictures from high definition entertainment without downscaling or compression.

LIGHTS-ON VIEWING: With an astonishing 4, 000 lumens of brightness, Optoma HZ39HDR projector can be used in every room of the home, including family rooms, theaters, and gaming rooms.

MOVIES & GAMING: To enjoy excellent color and detail, connect the newest 4K UHD HDR media players, game consoles, and other digital sources for large screen movies, gaming, and more.

GET SMART: To play games, stream films, and share photographs, connect a 4K UHD HDMI dongle such as the Fire TV Stick 4K, Google Chromecast Ultra, or Apple TV 4K.

QUIET Operating: The low 32dB noise level in eco-mode means that movies may be watched without being interrupted by the projector’s operation noises.

FULL 3D: The Optoma HZ39HDR shows real 3D material from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray Disc players, 3D broadcasting, and the most recent generation of gaming consoles. Support for a 120Hz rapid-refresh rate results in ultra-smooth, flicker-free visuals; 3D glasses are needed and available separately.

ENABLED FOR HOME AUTOMATION: Configure comprehensive network control, a fantastic option for home settings; LAN and RS-232 allow Crestron management.

Optoma HZ39HDR Design

Design is critical when choosing a home theater projector. You want a design that is both stylish and functional. The Optoma HZ39HDR Laser Projector has a sleek, modern design that will complement any home theater setup. The projector also has an integrated carrying handle for easy transport.

The HZ39HDR Laser Home Theater Projector is designed to provide a superior viewing experience. The projector features an ultra-short throw lens that allows you to place the projector close to the screen for a large image without sacrificing image quality. The laser light source provides bright, clear images with vivid colors. The projector also features HDR10 compatibility for an even more immersive experience.

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The Optoma HZ39HDR is a great choice for anyone looking to get a high-quality picture in their home theater. This projector uses laser light sources to provide a very bright image, and it also has a high dynamic range which means that it can produce deep black levels and bright white highlights. Additionally, this projector has native 4K resolution support and can accept HDR10 input signals. It also has a built-in media player which supports popular file formats like MKV, MP4, and AVI.


The Optoma HZ39HDR Home Theater Projector is a high-end projector that offers excellent image quality and performance. It has a native resolution of 4K UHD and supports HDR10 content. The projector is equipped with a laser light source that delivers up to 4,000 lumens of brightness. It also has an impressive contrast ratio of 300, 000: 1. The HZ39HDR supports 3D content and has two HDMI ports for connecting to external devices such as Blu-ray players or gaming consoles. The projector is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Optoma HZ39HDR Connectivity

A home theater projector is only as good as its connectivity. This laser home theater projector has an impressive array of inputs and outputs, making it a great choice for those looking for a versatile projector.

This Optoma projector has two HDMI inputs, one DisplayPort input, one USB input, and one 3.5mm audio output. The HDMI inputs are compatible with 4K UHD sources, and the DisplayPort input is compatible with Full HD 1080p sources. The USB input can be used to connect a media player or other device. The 3.5mm audio output can be used to connect external speakers or headphones.

The Optoma HZ39HDR also has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Wi-Fi connection can be used to stream content from a computer or other device, while the Bluetooth connection can be used to connect wirelessly to external speakers or headphones.

Price and Availability

The HZ39HDR is a high-end laser home theater projector that is available for purchase from select retailers. The projector has a suggested retail price of $1279.99 and is currently available for purchase from Amazon and Best Buy.


The Optoma laser home theater projector is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable projector. It offers 4K resolution, HDR compatibility, and easy setup. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty, making it a great investment for your home theater system.

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My Honest Optoma HZ39HDR Laser Projector Review

I’ve had my eye on this projector for quite some time. I had a BenQ that was around 4 years old and was a terrific computer, however I had to change the light a few times. I always felt that I couldn’t obtain the brightness I want, so I decided to get this machine. The watching experience has much improved. I used to be fine at 30K contrast ratio, but now I’m at 1Million contrast ratio. In fact, it was so bright that I can’t tell the difference between it and conventional television. It’s so wonderful that I felt compelled to write a review.

When I initially received the item, I quickly connected it to the same power source as my old projector. My cinema theater has an amazing sound system, but I wanted to keep my budget low but not too low. I had to make multiple changes since there was a pink spot on the faces. It takes many hours to calibrate and understand the various settings. Display Mode Cinema, Gamma set to Film, Brilliant Color set to 5, Sharpness set to 11, Color Temp to Cool, Brightness Mode to Constant Luminance to 85%, Wall Color Off since I have a lovely painted very light grey screen. I used the same game settings, which are ideal. Watching football is like being there in person. Nothing beats fantastic sound and a stunning image. The picture above does not do it justice. I really suggest it for a low-budget solution. One thing that concerns me was the heat dissipation mentioned by others, but it does not seem to be a problem. I use it for 5 to 8 hours every day.

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4.8 Inches

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1-year warranty parts and labor

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