Ocean Wave Projector GRDE 12 LED Night Light Lamp

The GRDE Ocean Wave Projector comes with natural sounds music and moving light effects which can be projected to wall and ceiling. It heps you to enjoy the wonderful music and the beautiful surroundings at the same time to relax your body and soul.

Remote control and touch senor: Our GRDE most up to date sea wave night light projector with remote controller and contact senor keys, you can uninhibitedly control the revolution, volume, timing set, and alter the splendor, lighting modes, music sound. (With no connector in the bundle)

12 LED and 8 lighting mode: The GRDE sea wave projector ventures bright light onto the roof and dividers in any smooth space. It has 8-lighting modes for your alternative with your inclination and you can modify the most suitable splendor.

6 Natural sounds and built-in speaker: The GRDE night-light room sea wave projector worked in Forest creepy-crawly solid, Waves seagulls sound, Water, and winged animals, Happy music of nature, Cradlesong 1, Cradlesong 2. What’s more, you can interface with your iPod, iPhone, MP3, or different gadgets to play cradlesong with the sound link in the bundle.

45 degree display angle adjustable: The night light projector can tilt 0-45 degrees as per your needs and stand upstanding or venture in various ways. Ideal for bubbly gathering beautifications for kids gives a perfect and neighborly rest or rest condition for your infant and children. This sea wave drove light is an ideal present for you, your darling, your family, your companion, and so forth.

Auto-off timer: Our sea light inherent 1H, 2H, 4H auto off the clock, openly to set shut off naturally after the here and now by remote controller, which encourages you kids nod off effectively, and a superior rest for you too. Furthermore, the clock can be dropped to remain on throughout the night.

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  1. Jenisha Kerry

    I bought this product recently and totally happy with it.

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