NexiGo PJ10 WiFi Projector Review

NexiGo PJ10 Projector supports ultra-fast 5G WiFi and provides a significantly smoother and lag-free online video streaming experience. Wireless screen mirroring is supported for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. There is no need for an additional HDMI adapter or applications.

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Full HD Native 1080P Projector: NexiGo PJ10 projector has a native 1920x1080P Full HD resolution that assures clear color and picture, as well as a high brightness rating of 220 ANSI lumens (Over 8000 Lux). Provides cinema-class image quality for home theater.

NexiGo PJ10 Projector Supports 5G & 2.4GWiFi, ultra-fast 5G WiFi provides a significantly smoother and lag-free online video streaming experience. Wireless screen mirroring is supported for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. There is no need for an additional HDMI adapter or applications. (Note: Due to copyrights concerns, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and other comparable applications DO NOT enable screen mirroring.)

Dolby Sound and Bluetooth 5.1 compatibility: The built-in Dolby sound gives an excellent auditory experience without the need of additional speakers. Bluetooth 5.1 is the greatest option for home entertainment since it can simply connect headphones, speakers, and other audio equipment.

Wide Compatibility: Equipped with two USB ports, one HDMI port, and one AV port, this device may fulfill your wired connection requirements with TV boxes, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Hulu, PC, Laptops, Tablets, external speakers, Xbox, DVD player, USB Stick, Media Players, IPad, and iPhone.

Best Projected & Remote Control: The NexiGo PJ10 projector has a viewing angle of 42.5° to 176° and a projection distance of 4.3ft to 16.4ft. It is extremely easy to adjust the screen using the remote control and permits the installation of a tripod and ceiling mount front/rear projection without taking up too much room. (Note: 2 x AAA batteries are NOT included in the remote control kit.)

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My Honest NexiGo PJ10 Projector Review

The NexiGo PJ10 is well-made and performs effectively right out of the box. The user interface might need some work. The quality is enough for my needs, which include editing, presentations, online meetings, and even HDMI-enabled Netflix. The PJ10 is difficult to beat at $179.

Read on for details on how it was delivered, how well it was manufactured, the simplicity of setup, software upgrades, the user interface, how I intend to use it, the quality of the display, and some tips on using it for pleasure and work.

The NexiGo PJ10 was delivered safely in an Amazon bag, with some minor smushing of a few edges of the neatly made box with shockproof packing inside. I took a double-take when I opened the package and saw several Q-tips for maintenance in a little plastic bag. After having recently had a COVID test, I had a flashback that transported me back to the Quest Diagnostics lab.

Construction: The projector seems to be well-made. While not very heavy, it feels and seems to be durable. The remote control is compact and lightweight. I’d be worried about the remote in the long run, but all functions can be managed by toggles on the top of the projector, so it won’t be a problem if the RC fails. That reminds me: NexiGo will increase my one-year warranty if I register it within two weeks of receiving it.

Set-up: The installation was simple. When I entered my password, it automatically discovered my Wi-Fi networks and connected. Two things to keep an eye out for: 1) Be cautious if you used non-English characters in your password since the UI only supports English characters; and 2) the connection instructions are on page 27 of the short 30-page user handbook, although previous portions of the document relate to instructions in the back.

OTA update: When the NexiGo PJ10 connected to my network, it informed me that a “new version was discovered!” “Can you download and upgrade?” When I clicked to upgrade, it told me not to power off or operate while it was upgrading. The text-based user interface contained a progress bar that counts up to 100% to show where you are in the installation. It just took a few minutes since I have a gigabit FIOS connection.

User interface: While the on-screen English-language instructions are clear, the tone and spelling are uneven. It cautioned me, for example, “Plz Don’t Power Off During Ota Update!!!” Because I deal a lot with user interfaces in different languages, this piqued my interest. Nonetheless, after I removed my pedantic lens, the displays are informative and intelligible.

Utilize case: I anticipate that I will mostly use the NexiGo with my MacBook Pro for presentation rehearsals and large-screen mirroring for editing. This use case prompted me to investigate the iOS wireless cast for Apple gadgets. At this stage, I needed to make sure that both the MBPro and the PJ10 were connected to the same network. Because the Mac’s control center for AirPlay casting is less straightforward than it should be, it took a bit longer. As I use the NexiGo more, I’ll create a shortcut to enable AirPlay and set the NexiGo as the destination display. It’s worth noting that there’s also wireless casting capability for Windows and Android.

After getting AirPlay to function, I decided to see what more I could do with it. To begin, there are YouTube, Netflix, and a few more streaming services that, as previously stated, do not function owing to copyright limitations on streaming video. When I attempted to stream from Netflix and others, they only played for a few seconds before graying out the screen. While the video does not operate, still photos are shown, and the sound is audible.

I also inserted my DVD-ROM player and watched a few movies. It behaved similarly to Netflix in that the videos played for a few seconds before graying out while the sound continued to play.

However, I also tried playing a non-copyrighted streaming movie (my wife was attending a Saturday evening Mass on her Mac, so I tried that) and it worked flawlessly with full visual and sound. Finally, I moved from iOS cast to a Roku Ultra 4670X HDMI connection. This worked well with Netflix. I utilized the Roku’s remote control in the same way that I do with the TV.

Display quality: Because this is a 1080P projector, don’t anticipate 4K resolution. That being said, the result is appropriate for both the Netflix case and my job initiatives, as detailed below. It’s also perfect for viewing Netflix movies on my direct-connect Roku Ultra – as I still watch 1080P TV on occasion, the quality isn’t an issue in that situation. I found the resolution to be insufficient while examining and curating my Apple Photos collection. I do need the highest quality for identifying which photographs are destroyed for that kind of activity.

Back to work: Now that my play time was done, I focused on tasks for work. I give a lot of PowerPoint stand-up presentations. Instead of sitting in front of my dual-screen setup, projecting the presentation on a wall, I prefer to go through my slides as if I were speaking. The NexiGo is ideal for this preliminary work. I can keep my distance from the screen and not be distracted by what’s going on there (even if I have DND turned on, a lot still distracts).

I also do a lot of writing on Word and Google Docs and like doing it away from my typical desk. I used the NexiGo as a giant “monitor” on a nearby wall, with the display measuring roughly 2×4 feet (60x120cm). That works well. When working at that distance, I used Word’s screen-size slider to set my MBPro’s 13″ screen to roughly 80%. This fills the NexiGo display and makes the fonts readable.

If you want to do anything other than edit Word, avoid tiling the screen with smaller programs; everything will be too tiny. Instead, make separate distinct displays for each program and flip between them. For example, I had Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Safari open on separate screens. I anticipate that I will be able to work for lengthy periods of time at that size on my desk projecting on a wall while reclining in a chair.

That’s all. If you need a low-cost, well-made, adaptable 1080P LCD projector, the NexiGo PJ10 should suffice.

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