MSI Optix MAG270VC2 Monitor Review with Specifications

Display: 27” Curved Gaming display (1800R)
Refresh Rate: 165Hz
Resolution: FHD 1080p
Display Technology: LCD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Response Time: 1ms
Adjustable Stand
Night Vision

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MSI Optix MAG270VC2 Monitor

The MSI Optix MAG270VC2 monitor is born from stringent quality control and built to represent robustness and longevity. The MAG series has a quick installation method combined with a user interface that makes it the best option for entry-level matches based on offering the best user experience.

Visualize your win with the MSI Optix MAG270VC2 Curved Gaming Console. Fitted with a 1920×1080, 165hz Refresh rate, 1ms reaction time screen, Optix MAG270VC2 offers you the tactical advantage you need to take down your adversaries.

Optix displays are fitted with a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms reaction time VA screen with the most advantage in fast-moving gaming genres such as first-person shooters, warriors, racing sims, and real-time tactics, and sports. These games need very smooth and quick motions, which will place you ahead of the rivals with an ultra-high refresh rate and fast response time controller.

Designed with adaptive sync, MSI Optix MAG270VC2 will adjust the monitor’s refresh rate to your ultra-smooth gaming GPU. Ensure that you reach the target with all the innovations built-in MSI Curved Gaming displays for competitive play.

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27″ Curved Gaming Show (1800R) – Greatest action immersion.
165Hz Refresh Rate – React more rapidly with cleaner photos.
The MSI Optix MAG270VC2 monitor comes with 1ms Response Time which helps to eliminate screen flickering during gameplay.
Adjustable Stand – Quickly adjust the location of the display for optimum ergonomics.
Night Vision – Clever black tuner to brighten up the day by pulling out fair information in dim places.
Wide Color Gamut – Game colors and information can be more natural and refined.
Adaptive Sync Technology – Avoids screen tearing or stuttering, creating ultra-smooth gameplay.
Frameless Style – Embrace the ultimate gameplay experience with an ultra-thin bezel.
178° Wide Viewing Angle – Colors and information remain sharp with a viewing angle of 178°.
The MSI Optix MAG270VC2 monitor comes with an Anti-Flicker and low Blue Light filter technology and hence, you can play game for longer duration by avoiding eye pressure and exhaustion.


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