AOC AG273QZ Gaming Monitor Review with Specifications

Resolution (max): 2560×1440
HDR Display: HDR 400
Refresh rate: 240Hz
Gaming style: Shooters, Action, eSports, RTS, FPS (eSports)
Diagonal (inch): 27 inch

SKU: AOC-AG273QZ Category: Mice

The AOC AG273QZ provides a never-before-seen 240Hz QHD lightning-fast efficiency panel with an update to the visual standard that discerning gamers would appreciate. 1440p displays used to be restricted to 165Hz, pointing professional gamers to go for 240Hz 1080p models instead if they needed a snappier computer. AOC AGON AG273QZ fills the void, so let’s see how it appears and how it does under inspection.

With one of the latest AU Optronics 240hz 1440p TN screens, you can expect exceptional results. The AOC AG273QZ gaming display is optimized for professional players who want the additional screen room provided by a 27-inch monitor and QHD resolution. Notice that AOC cites Moving Image Reaction Time instead of the standard Grey to Gray response time statistics we see in most other displays.

By far the highest refresh rate on the market, 240Hz unlocks top-end GPUs, adding unparalleled fluidity to the image on your phone. For every aspect sharply brought into focus and every step seen with crystal clearness, feel your reactions becoming one with the play and uplift your playing.

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The AOC AG273QZ gaming monitor comes with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 which provides superior picture quality and sharp imagery that exposes the finest details. The 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio offers you plenty of room to stretch out and function, plus helps you to watch games or movies in their original format.

Whatever the system, you will reach the maximum frame rate and the smoothest monitor possible with AMD Free-Sync Technology. If you’re dashing around blasts of screeching through rain slicked bends, wave goodbye to screen tears and lags – and leave the adversary with your neatly made ashes.

The first phase in the VESA Qualification for High Dynamic Range, the DisplayHDR400 states real 8-bit picture clarity, global dimming, peak luminance of 400 cd/m2, lower blackness, better contrast and higher gamma colour coverage. Experience mind-boggling, vivid and much more realistic gameplay with DisplayHDR400!


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