LG 75SM9070PUA Smart TV Review with Specifications

Resolution: 4K
Display Technology: LED
HDR: 8K Cinema HDR
Screen Size Class/ Display Type: 75″/ Nano Cell Display
Processor: LG a7 GEN 2 intelligent Processor
Dolby Vision And Dolby Atmos Support: Yes
Voice Assistant: LG Thinq, Alexa and Google Assistant
Connections: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI

SKU: 75SM9070PUA Category: Televisions

The LG 75SM9070PUA is a decent 4k IPS TV with a fantastic interface. This TV has fantastic gaming functionality, outstanding low input latency, decent reaction time, and support for HDMI variable refresh rate (VRR) technology. It has large viewing angles, but the picture stays correct when approached from the rear, rendering it suitable for wide seating configurations.

Every inch of LG’s largest LED show is a beauty thing. Movies, sports and games are improved by the accurate colour of Nano Precision and the complete range of Nano Color. The LG 75SM9070PUA LG a7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor which enriches your content. Full variety of local dimming control offers effective illumination around the backlight.

Image and sound are enhanced with the luxury Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Plus, with LG ThinQ AI, Google Assistant* voice activation, and Alexa built-in, this is World’s Most Intelligent TV. *Service is exclusive to those languages. Any features include a third party service subscription.

LG a7 GEN 2 Intelligent Processor: Images, movement and colour are brought to life to immediately improve image quality with the best 4K LG processor, empowered by AI at its heart.

Dimensions of LG 75SM9070PUA Smart TV: With stand (WxHxD)-66″ x 40.8″ x 15.1″ | Without Stand (WxHxD) – 66″ x 38″ x 2.8″ | Weight with stand: 89.9 lbs | Weight without stand: 83.6 lbs

Inside the box: LG 75SM9070PUA smart TV with stand, Remote Control (with batteries), Power Cable and User Manual.

LG Thinq, Alexa And Google Assistant: LG TVs was the first to merge both Google Assistant and Alexa into LG ThinQ AI technology.

The LG 75SM9070PUA smart TV comes with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technology which transform your Television into an entertainment superpower whih helps to enhance picture and sound for a stunning, more life-like experience in any scene. The ultra-vivid image and the strong, flowing audio appear to swirl all around you.

Nano Color: vivid color and detailed, crisp pictures, rendered possible by the smallest intricacy of architecture and engineering.

WISA Speaker Compatibility: operates smoothly to provide high wireless audio reliability. It significantly increases the theatrical tone in everything you screen. Just 5.1 Channel and 2.0 Channel are allowed. Transmitter dongle is needed and sold separately.

LG 75SM9070PUA smart TV comes with AirPlay 2 built in so that you can conveniently cast everything from your Apple iPhone or laptop to your LG AI TV.

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My honest Review on LG 75SM9070PUA Smart TV

I purchased LG 75SM9070PUA  75-inch Smart TV set to replace my 65 LG UH7700 which had been relocated to the master bedroom. I was able to switch to the FALD complete array back panel, because Edge Lit TV is no longer calming down my viewing videos.

I originally decided to get a Sony X950G, but the high price wasn’t my cup of tea ($1k more and adding that it’s google OS that places you at their hands, plus I’ve heard that the OS already has a number of problems. My other options were either Samsung or LG. Samsung makes fantastic TVs (LG displays provided) but their Tizen OS is just obsolete.

Provided that I have 3 LG TV’s at home with not a single issue; clearly, I trust the brand that I’m stuck with LG. LG is underestimated because of a shortage of large ads. Notice that many of the electronics parts manufactured by LG can be used in other suppliers.

So after the setup and tuning of this set; my standards are well fulfilled and beyond. My first and most important reason I purchased a FALD Panel is to have more blacks in dark scenes and no gray bloom that you’ll get with every Edge Lit TV, no matter what brand. And if LG doesn’t promote as many FALD Zones most labels have; it does a better job and sufficiently zones to dim black regions.

Reminder: The LG 75SM9070PUA smart TV is a 9 Series LG TV. Meaning the best standard Series LG Makes before switching to OLED.
Overall impressions and judgments are focused on:
1. LG Brand is a reputable brand
2. Recent Technologies and Features
3. Build and standard designed
4. WebOS is very useful and quick to use.
5. TheLG 75SM9070PUA Smart TV comes with an a7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor which is really fast compared with the UH7700.
6. E ARC 2.1 for potential use and extension
7. Latency game mode feature (No FreeSync but fast enough for any game Console)
8. Local Dimming PRO-comes with 75 9070PUA-confirmed.
9. Picture quality is excellent (Must calibrate though to your liking)
10. Value vs Price-The Big Deal


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