VIZIO P65Q9-H1 4K Smart TV Review with Specs

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Connections: HDMI
Display Technology: LED
Processor: VIZIO IQ UltraTM
Dolby Vision HDR

SKU: P65Q9-H1 Category: Televisions

The VIZIO P65Q9-H1 Quantum 4K HDR Smart TV comes with a VIZIO’s high-performance complete array backlight for pitch blacks, bold contrast and shimmering highlights, while the supercharged Quantum Color infuses single pixel with 120 percent more color.

The VIZIO P65Q9-H1 comes with a next-generation IQ Ultra processor from VIZIO which provides ultra-performance, fine-tuning every pixel for a jaw-dropping 4K image. The latest ProGaming Engine is made for extreme Xbox One and PlayStation 4 action, with variable refresh rate, 4K 120Hz gameplay and the lowest input latency. And only SmartCast gives you unlimited content with 4K Dolby Vision streaming, and the best way to download, monitor, and share with Apple’s built-in AirPlay and Chromecast.

Color described as the color volume determined using Dolby’s MDC (millions of distinguishable colors) definition that defines the spectrum of colors and the degree of luminance; basic 4K HDR TV offers rec 709 color, up to 300 nits2VRR and auto low latency mode only compliant with Xbox One X.

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VIZIO P65Q9-H1 has VIZIO IQ UltraTM Processor Inside, VIZIO’s best, smartest chip – the groundbreaking IQ Ultra processor promises best-in-class image processing, more efficient 4K upscaling engine and HDMI 2.1 networking.

Quantum Color Based on VIZIO’s Active Complete Array Backlight, VIZIO Quantum Color provides 120 percent more color than the regular 4K TV.  Color volume calculated using Dolby’s MDC spec that specifies the spectrum of colors and the degree of brightness; regular 4K HDR TV includes rec 709 color, up to 300 nits.

VIZIO P65Q9-H1 smart TV comes with an ultraBright 1100 which introduce your excitement to life with dazzling bright highlights at up to 1100 nits of peak brightness, reproducing more specifically the subtle information otherwise lost in the light or dark areas of the picture.

4K Ultra HD (2160p resolution) Watch beautiful 4K videos and TV shows 4 times the Full HD resolution, and update your latest content to Ultra HD display quality.

VIZIO P65Q9-H1 comes with Dolby Vision HDR which replaces the viewing experience with dramatic imagery—incredible light, contrast, and colour that carry entertainment to reality before your eyes. In contrast, this TV supports high dynamic range formats for HDR10+ and HLG.


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