Hisense 55U8H Review: U8H QLED Series 4K Smart TV

The Hisense 55U8H is a 4K LED-backlit LCD TV with a refresh rate of 120Hz. It features HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and hybrid log gamma high dynamic range (HDR) video (HLG). This smart TV also includes an ATSC 3.0 tuner.

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Hisense 55U8H Smart TV

Hisense 55U8H Smart TV comes with  Quantum Dot Color. Without worrying about how many commas are on the price tag, you may enjoy over one billion hues. You’re really welcome. The low price of the U8H makes a lot more quality technology accessible. 4K resolution, Dolby Vision HDR, and Full Array Local Dimming zones are just a few examples. Sounds like science, but it looks like a much more costly television.

Quantum Dot Color: Quantum Dot generates colors that are purer, richer, more bright, and more accurate than traditional LED TVs. The ability to generate over a billion color variations brings bright visuals to life in ways that non-QLED TVs cannot.

4K ULED: As good as 4K, but better. The Hisense 55U8H has our exclusive ULED technology. They improve color, contrast, brightness, motion, and so forth. It’s the TV that your old TV aspires to be.

Ultra Motion with 120Hz Native Refresh Rate and game mode: Hisense U8H 55 inch smart TV comes with Ultra Motion which eliminates digital noise that might impact moving objects, resulting in incredibly clean images. The native refresh rate of 120Hz offers better gaming with images that keep up with your action.

Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos: Dolby Vision HDR image and Dolby Atmos sound are home cinema technologies. They create incredible realism that you can see and hear in each scenario.

Smooth Motion & Native Refresh Rate of 120Hz: Smooth Motion eliminates digital noise that might impact moving things. Hisense 55U8H TV’s natural refresh rate of 120Hz serves as the basis for its 480 motion rate. These technologies work together to create a stunning picture quality.

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My Honest Hisense U8H Reviews

I initially acquired a secondhand Samsung QN90A for about $1600 altogether. The screen had a lot of filthy screen effect, and the LED grid was visible when watching TV, which looked awful. I returned it, quite disappointed, and decided to check into other brands that I had never tried before. I had settled on the Hisense U8G, but I wanted to check if the pricing had changed at all since I heard deals happened quite often. After a time, I saw that Hisense had produced this Google TV at the price of 949.99. I watched all of the review videos for it, and everyone was astounded by how wonderful mini LED TV was for such a cheap price. It came today after I ordered it a week ago. I am quite pleased with the quality of u8h 55 TV based on the programs I’ve seen and the games I’ve played on PC and PS5 today.

Gsync is compatible with my rtx 3080, and freesync premium is compatible with my PS5. All I had to do was adjust the option on both inputs to enhanced HDMI and I was good to go. The image quality is greater than the QN90A, and the screen has practically no dirty screen effect (at least not enough to notice when playing), and I believe the black level quality is on par with an OLED screen. Hisense 55U8H smart TV has blown me away, and I highly suggest it to any serious TV/Movie viewer or gamer. Please accept my apologies for the clumsy wording. I’m exhausted and overjoyed that I’ll be able to retain my TV this time.

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