Dell P2722H Review: 27″ Monitor with FHD IPS Display

Device Type: White LED edgelight
Panel Type: In-Plane Switching Tech
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz
Pixel Pitch: 0.3114 mm x 0.3114 mm
Brightness: 300 cd/m2 (typical)
Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1 (typical)

SKU: DEL-P27-MON Category: Monitors

The Dell P2722H is a 27-inch monitor with a 1080p resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The contrast ratio is as high as 1000:1 and the response time is 5 ms. For the price it is an excellent monitor for gamers.

Maintain your productivity regardless of where you work. The Dell P2722H sleek 27″ FHD monitor with ComfortView Plus technology helps to reduce harmful blue light.

Comfort without losing color: Optimize eye comfort with Comfort View Plusi, an always-on, built-in screen that lowers potentially hazardous blue light emissions while offering great color accuracy.

Color constancy is standard: Consistent, brilliant colors over a broad viewing angle are possible with In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology. With Dell P2722H monitor you get perfect color right out of the box thanks to 99 percent sRGB coverage.

Sleek, beautiful, and organized: To keep things neat, hide wires in the monitor riser.This stylish monitor has a three-sided ultrathin bezel, a tiny base, and an updated, user-friendly cable management system.

It is important to be at ease. Tilt, swivel, pivot, and change the height of your display (150mm height adjustment range) for added comfort while working.

Designed with you in mind: Install the Dell Slim Soundbar (SB521A) to improve your listening experience.

Extensive connectivity: With a plethora of connectivity ports, including DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, and 4x SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps, you can easily connect to a wide range of devices on Dell P2722H monitor.

Quick-access ports: Easily share and distribute material using quick-access ports conveniently located at the front of the display.

Increase your efficiency: The three-sided ultrathin bezel design of Dell P2722H monitor allows you to have an uninterrupted view of your material across numerous displays. A dual monitor configuration may also increase productivity by up to 21%.

Productive on all levels, Easy Arrange enables you to simply tile numerous apps over one or more screens with 38 pre-set window divisions and the opportunity to customise up to five windows, providing you with increased multitasking skills.

Transitions are seamless on Dell P2722H monitor because the auto-restore function remembers where you left off, so programs will resume where you left them even if you unplug them.

The key to convenience: Shortcut keys may save you even more time by allowing you to effortlessly customize your display management settings so you can get to work quicker.

More methods to manage: Asset management reports enable IT administrators to swiftly gather and track monitor information, as well as configure several displays at the same time using a single configuration.

Environmental standards: The Dell P2722H monitor complies with the most recent regulatory and environmental standards, such as EnergyStar®, EPEAT® Goldi, and TCO Certified Edge.

To minimise our environmental impact, we ship this monitor without Styrofoam and in packaging composed of at least 75% recycled cardboard.

Energy conservation: Save energy while your monitor is not in use by using PowerNapi, a function that dims or puts your monitor to sleep when it is not in use.

Increasing sustainability: Dell Technologies is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products throughout their lifecycle.

Ports & Slots on Dell P2722H: 1. Power connection | 2. HDMI port | 3. Security-lock slot | 4. Stand lock | 5. DisplayPort | 6. VGA connector | 7. SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps upstream port | 8. SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps downstream port (4)

Cables Included: Power cable | DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable (1.8 meters) | Upstream SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps cable

Dell P2722H Monitor Specs

  • Device Type. LED-backlit LCD monitor – 27″
  • Power Consumption (On mode) 15 W.
  • Features. USB 3.2 Gen 1 hub.
  • Panel Type. IPS.
  • Aspect Ratio. 16:9.
  • Native Resolution. Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz.
  • Pixel Pitch. 0.3114 mm.
  • Brightness. 300 cd/m²

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My Honest Dell P2722H Review

The P2722H has a big, bright, and clear screen. I’ve got mine set up using a Display Port cable. It has Display Port, HDMI, and DVI interfaces. As an extra benefit, it includes USB 3 onboard and four more USB ports on the display itself. Despite the fact that two of them are facing down, it is impossible to plug anything into them. It would be preferable if they were on the side or in the rear. I also installed the Dell Display Manager, which enables me to change the screen’s brightness and contrast. It also enables me to modify the setting that affects the screen’s white balance. It provides me with Standard, Movie, Game, Warm, Cool, and Custom options. Overall, Dell P2722H monitor has a fantastic performance.


1. Monitor stand adaptability

2. A 27-inch monitor for a reasonable price.

3. This is an updated version of the more popular Dell p2719h. Because it was released recently, there aren’t many reviews, and the price is presently less than 2719h.

4. Premium finish

5. USB ports

6.Wide range of stand adjustments

7. Budget prices

8. Great brightness ratio


1.The HDMI cable is not included on Dell P2722H monitor. You may need to go to the store and share your laptop’s screen on this display.

2. 16 A charging monitor plug. Many consumers may not have such a plug on their desk.

If you’re worried about low refresh rates and pixel density, the Dell P2722H isn’t for you. However, if USB ports, increased brightness, and a lovely finish are important to you, this is one of the best DELL alternatives available.


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