XINDA Mini Projector Review and Specs

Resolution of 1280*720 pixels
Brightness of 4600 Lumens
Maximum 210″ projected Screen
Dual powerful built-in 5W speakers

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XINDA Mini Projector features 4600 lumens and a high dynamic contrast ratio of 4000:1, allowing it to display clear and vivid pictures from HD material without downscaling or compressing. This is four times greater than a 480p projector (most claim to support 1080p, but may only support 420p or even 240p) by combining a unique high-refraction 5 layers glass lens, assuring the greatest video experience.

LED Bar & Huge Screen:The LED bar lights up coolly in the dark, and the big screen offers an excellent viewing experience ranging from 50 to 210 inches.

For best projection, use the following: 2.5 to 4m ( with sizes raning between 60 and 120 inches )

HIFI Stereo Sound & No Noise: Surround sound system with 2 built-in 5 Watt speakers, The projector is outfitted with the latest in novel cooling technologies, a heat dispersion that also results in a noise suppression of up to 80%.

Inputs with several functions and a 5-year LED lamp life: Supports HDMI/VGA/USB/SD/AV/TV input and output, as well as connecting PCs, laptops, DVD/VCD players, and playing games on a huge screen by connecting Playstation PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360. With headphones, a loudspeaker, and a USB disk, you can fulfill a variety of purposes. When connecting your phone, please buy an additional converter. The lamp has an exceptionally long life of up to 5 years, which is longer than most items on the market, and it protects your eyes using LED light sources.

XINDA Mini HD Home Projector

1.Excellent sharpness with a resolution of 1280*720 pixels and a brightness of 4600 Lux.
2.A large screen (Max 210″) with two strong built-in 5W speakers and a surround sound system.
3. LED light lifte has a lifespan of around 5 years. Noise levels are reduced by an innovative cooling system with heat dispersion.

The HD 720p Projector provides very crisp video quality pictures, making it ideal for viewing movies, games, and sports. It also perfectly supports 1080p color.

The total number of pixels in the projector defines its native resolution. The more pixels you can accommodate on the screen, the clearer and more detailed your photographs will be. For home theater projectors, higher resolution is extremely crucial. When the amount of pixels (resolution) of 1280 * 720 is compared to the same screen size, it becomes four times greater definition. The chip in a projector is made up of tens of thousands of reflecting lenses, each of which is switched every second to provide a complete HD image.

High Brightness and Smooth, Crisp Images: The Movie Projector uses an updated LED light source and TFT LCD display technology, which greatly lowers light attenuation and gives +80 percent brightness compared to a standard projector.

Stereo speaker at HIFI level: This projector combines excellent screen performance with room-filling sound for an immersive multimedia experience, thanks to its built-in twin a strong 5W speaker with SRS Sound System and 3D.

Mirroring: The projector may reflect the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

The function allows you to enjoy the large screen, and your eyes are extremely comfortable to watch and play.

Multi-Function Inputs and 5 years LED Lamp Life: The XINDA Mini Portable projector supports HDMI/VGA/USB/SD/AV/TV information audio out, associating PC, Laptop, DVD/VCD players for motion pictures, getting a charge out of games on big screen by interfacing PlayStation PS3, PS4. To address your numerous issues with headsets, amplifier, USB circle. If you don’t mind buying an additional converter while associating your phone. The light of stunningly long existence of as long as 5 years is superior to most items in the market, ensuring your eyes with LED light sources.

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My Honest XINDA Mini Projector Review

The projector is really simple to set up and operate. It’s small and portable, which is ideal for me since I travel and use it for professional purposes. It simply takes a few minutes to set up, and you are given all of the corners you need. The only thing that could need some tweaking is getting the screen format right.

Make sure it’s not turned upside down, and there’s a ratio chart in the back of the instruction book. This is quite useful in providing you with the optimum side dimensions in a timely and straightforward manner. The visual quality on XINDA projector is also impressive, with high pixel resolution and lots of brightness. On top, there’s a readily accessible and adjustable focus dial.

All of the controls are conveniently accessible on the projector’s side. And the connections on the side, which make it simple to plug in the HDMI wire, USBs, or SD card. It also comes with a remote, making it much simpler to manipulate after you’ve positioned your image.

You also receive a plethora of use possibilities at a very reasonable price. Video, music, images, and files may all be played. If you run into any problems, the instructions are quite helpful and straightforward.

I wholeheartedly endorse!





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