Immersive Soundbar with RGB Lights – Wohome 2.2ch, Bluetooth, ARC & Mor

Enhance your home theater with the Wohome 2.2ch Soundbar, featuring immersive sound and customizable RGB lighting. Enjoy seamless connectivity with Bluetooth, ARC, Optical, AUX, and USB options. Perfect for movies, music, and gaming, this versatile soundbar elevates your entertainment experience.

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With two full-range speakers and two integrated subwoofers, you can experience the thumping bass and rumbling machine noises in your favorite songs and the crashing explosions in your favorite movies· Immerse yourself in your home cinema experience with our state-of-the-art Wohome surround sound system· It captures every detail with pinpoint accuracy·

Life-Stimulating RGB Lights: For the sake of your eyes when watching TV, set the backdrop light to a soothing static hue· When the lights and music come together to create a breathtaking atmosphere, it’s time to turn on the dynamic lighting for those exciting parties and bars·

A Multi-Use Detachable Soundbar: Splitting the soundbar in half or pairing it with two smaller tower speakers will let you enjoy better sound· This adaptable system is both a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home cinema, and it’s easy to dismantle for storage or transport·

Modes of Humanized EQ: Three equalization options driven by state-of-the-art DSP technology unlock sonic flexibility· Enjoy a dramatic experience in Movie Mode, immerse yourself in Music Mode for unique highs and lows, and hear crystal-clear voices in News Mode· On top of that, the remote makes adjusting the bass a breeze·

Works on Every System: Wohome TV speaker will take your music to the next level with its easy connecting options including TV-ARC, Bluetooth 5·0, Optical, AUX, and USB· It connects with a wide variety of devices with ease, including smart TVs, regular and 4K TVs, laptops, projectors, mobile phones, tablets, and more·

Unparalleled Support Following Purchase: Trust in our two-year warranty, 45-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime technical support to keep you covered· We guarantee your delight with our 100% satisfaction service· We guarantee a response within 24 hours if you contact us about any problems·

The Wohome S111 is a 32-inch removable soundbar speaker system with colorful RGB LED lights that supports ARC, Bluetooth, optical, AUX, and USB connections·

Featuring vibrant RGB LED light bars for TV backlights, the Wohome Sound Bar elevates your TV watching experience· Any home theater system would benefit from this modern soundbar’s ability to provide engrossing audio and breathtaking pictures·

This soundbar stands out due to its vibrant RGB LED light bars· A very immersive viewing experience may be achieved by adjusting these lights to fit your mood or the decor of your space· The LED lights enhance the aesthetic value of your entertainment system, whether you’re viewing a movie, playing a video game, or just listening to music·

The Wohome Sound Bar is top-notch when it comes to audio performance· Thanks to its 2·2 channel setup, this soundbar can fill the room with crisp, strong sound· With the detachable speakers, you can place them on either side of your TV to create a spacious soundstage and enhance the clarity of every sound·

This soundbar is compatible with a wide range of connections, such as USB, ARC, Bluetooth, optical, and AUX· Connecting it to your TV, smartphone, tablet, or any other device is a breeze, so you can watch all your favorite material on the go· You may simplify your setup by utilizing just one remote control—your TV’s remote—to operate the soundbar thanks to the ARC (Audio Return Channel) technology·

The Wohome Sound Bar requires no complicated setup· It is simple to connect to your TV or other devices since it comes with all the essential connections and attachments· Also, the soundbar doesn’t take up much room thanks to its small and sleek design, so it won’t be noticeable in your current setup·

Quite a few practical features round out the Wohome Sound Bar’s outstanding acoustic and visual capabilities· It improves sound quality and makes listening more immersive with its built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor) chip· The included remote control makes it easy to change settings, adjust the volume, and control the LED lights·

In conclusion, the Wohome Sound Bar with Multi-Color RGB LED Light Bars for TV Backlight is an excellent choice for any home theater system· It improves your watching and listening experience with its strong audio, beautiful graphics, and practical functions·

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