WiMiUS P28 7200 Lumens LED Projector Review

The WiMiUS P28 projector comes with a resolution of 1920*1080 . The projector can also support 4K video when connecting with Smartphone and PC. With quiver MEMC latest technology, the supported frame rate of this LCD projector is increased to 1080P 30Hz.

The WiMiUS P28 projector comes with a new Optical Machine, which dramatically increased the brightness of the projector by 20%. It is now 30 percent stronger than 7200 lumens led projectors. What’s more, this smart home theater projector has a single-key picture brightening capability that no other projector has. With this feature, the brightness of the projector would have increased by 500 lumens. Enjoy a quality shot with a little light on it.

This true native resolution TV projector 1920*1080 ( 80 percent other brand only support 1080P). It can also support 4K video while connected to your mobile and PC. Designed in with the MEMC quiver, it will accommodate native 1080P videos without any latency. 10000:1 The maximum contrast ratio can add more detail to the level the projector will display, because the picture will appear more vibrant.

The WiMiUS P28 projector has dual internal 10W Hi-Fi speakers that create stereo, direct and loud sound. No external speaker needed for indoor usage. In addition, the ±50° vertical and horizontal keystone correction make the projector ideal for both slanting and upright projection. No matter where you placed the projector, you could still get simple rectangular pictures.

50-400 inch projection scale with 1.5-10m projection span. The zoom feature is 100 percent to 75 percent. Multiple connection: PC, DVD player, PS4, Fire TV stick, Chromecast, USB, mobile ( additional HDMI adapter is needed). The non-direct light source will help shield your eyes. The strongest cooling device would exhaust the internal heat in a timely manner to extend the projector’s lift cycle. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Are you concerned that the projector would quit operating after one year? Are you waiting more than a week for an answer from the seller? Say goodbye to these dilemmas with the WiMiUS P28 projector. The projector will operate about 100,000 hours (at least 10 years). And within 24 hours, you’ll get competent answers to any problems.

WiMiUS has been in the area of projector for more than 10 years. In order to create a better native 1080P projector for customers, we hired top domestic projector specialists and invested millions of dollars in our R&D department. After months of hard work, the WiMiUS P28 projector was released.

Core benefits of the WiMiUS P28 Projector

1. High Light—-In November, we increased the brightness. It’s 20 more brighter now than before. It’s going to show you a really bright graphic.

2. One-key brighten function—-This functionality helps you to brighten the default picture by 500 lumens.

3. Hi-Fi Speaker—This TV projector is equipped with dual 10W speakers, great for indoor movies.

4. Nice photo colour—-The color temperature is based on the desire of thousands of customers. It’s going to show you really bright color and nature.

5. Smarter 4D keystone correction—-Except ±50° vertical and horizontal keystone correction, it has automated vertical keystone correction, which is very handy for usage.

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This smart projector supports four types of projection: front projection, rear projection, front projection at the ceiling and rear projection at the ceiling. Users may select various installation methods according to the specifications of their use. There are 4 openings in the bottom of the ceiling mount projector. The dimension of the screw is M4×10mm.

Brightness is at the center of the projector. This LCD projector has both high white brightness and high color brightness, offering a vivid picture with a richer, more realistic color. We increased the brightness by 20% in November. It’s really bright now. PS: We don’t suggest using it in a bright setting. Only use it in dim or semi-dark spaces.

With sophisticated LED technologies, the diffuse reflection imagery of WiMiUS P28 1080p video projector is smoother, shielding the eyes well. Specific coating technologies with low color dispersion to reduce chromatic aberration or color lines, offering unparalleled color sharpness and saturation at 1080P.

The native resolution of the projector P28 is 1920*1080. And when you connect to your mobile and PC, 4K videos can be viewed. In addition, this projector would not have a lag problem with advanced hardware while watching 1080P 30Hz images.

Smart 4D Keystone Correction: The keystone correction purpose is to render the predicted picture rectangle. And only the picture is a rectangle, we should have direct pictures. Slanted projection can also be provided with the WiMiUS P28 4K supported projector. No matter where you position the projector, the 4D ±50° Keystone correction will send you direct photos.

X&Y Zoom Function: Most LCD projectors may change projection scale by bringing the projection closer or farther to the screen. To address this the WiMiUS P28 video projector will be designed with the zoom capability. Supports all horizontal and vertical zoom modes. The size is between 100% and 75%. For eg, at a distance of 3.3m, the default projection screen is 100 inches. With the zoom feature, we could adjust the size of the picture from 100 inches to 75 inches without moving the projector. This is very handy for use in center or tiny quarters.

50-300 inch projector size: are you bored with a 60-inch compact TV screen? Have you ever talked of building a home theater with? Yes yes. WiMiUS P28 is coming to serve you. With a projection distance of 1.5m-7m, a screen of 50-300 inches can be made. The best distance to projection is 3m. In comparison, this led projector is not a projector with a short stroke. So to render the picture bigger, we need to shift the projector away from the computer.

Dual 10W HiFi Stereo Speakers: fitted with a dual HiFi stereo speaker with an SRS sound system, WiMiUS projectors will provide you with an exceptional listening experience without external speakers. You may also attach an external speaker to this projector for greater sound output, depending on your preferences. It will fit all 2.1 audio systems with a 3.5mm au port.

My Honest Review on WiMiUS P28 Projector
Around a week ago, I purchased this projector. I completely love it. This is my fourth projector. I’ve had two projectors that cost $1000 each and I think this one is as nice or better. I even own one that cost “SimpleBeamer CP100.” less than a hundred bucks.

Wimius has the right hue for movies and gaming. Quite low cost relative to other brand name projectors. It has a number of options to set up, and it’s not that challenging to use. It also has a manual so you should learn. You can change the frame size to make it smaller in the settings, but you can’t make it wider. My predicted screen size was a little too big where I mounted it on the ceiling, so the screen size adjuster was helpful. It’s pretty vivid when I watch it both in the afternoon and in the night. Live TV looks stunning with natural skin tones. This Wimius is really finished, you almost don’t notice it at all. I will suggest this projector to anyone, whether it’s your first projector or a substitute.


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