WiMiUS K1 Review with Specs: Best 7500L Video Projector

WiMiUS K1 is a bluetooth and wifi projector that is very easy for usage. It can be conveniently attached to a form of bluetooth speaker. With WiFi, you can link it wirelessly to iPhone, Android devices, and Window 10 PCs . No additional external adapter required.

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WiMiUS K1 has a great increase in contrast, brightness and color efficiency. The key benefits are as follows:

1. Brighter and improved image quality than ever before.
2. Power point presentation help, excel, word and PDF directly via USB stick, very useful for small conferences.
3. It ships with both wifi and bluetooth feature, no need to pick between wifi and bluetooth feature.
4. Flexible 4D keystone correction—-The special advanced 4-point data correction allows it simpler to change the image.
5. 100-50 percent zoom function—-With the same size, the picture could be decreased from 100 percent to 50 percent.

6. It comes with an excellent bag that is really handy for storing and securing the projector.

WiMiUS K1 Review and Features

Strong Brightness and Native 1080P Quality: Embracing the most modern German LED lamp technology, WiMiUS K1 projector has an impressive +20 percent brightness and a native 1920 x 1080p full HD resolution. The disparity is noticeable as opposed to the other 7500 lumen projectors. When attached to a smartphone, 4K videos could be enabled.

10000:1 Contrast Ratio: The higher the contrast ratio, the better the color of the picture. With a contrast ratio of 10000:1, nature can offer close color instead of washing away color like most low-contrast ration projectors.

High-precision lens with an ultra-long life of 100,000h: typically, the lamp life of the projector is around 30,000 hours, WiMiUS k1 adopts a low-power LED lamp that produces less heat, the lamp life is as long as 100,000 hours. There is no need to change the light, if you use it 4 hours a day, it will last 68 years. The efficiency of the cost is outstanding.

Bluetooth Feature: WiMiUS K1 projector can be integrated into a bluetooth function, it can be attached to several forms of bluetooth speakers, making the movie sound more stunning.

And it’s a really simple link.

Here are the following steps:

1. Switch the Bluetooth Speaker on.

2. Turn the projector to Bluetooth Settings.

3. Pick the Bluetooth speaker you want to link to.

P.S: Some link problem, please let us know.

WiFi Wireless Connection: WiMiUS K1 projector can be linked to a smartphone or window 10 PC via WiFi, no external adapter is needed. The execution of the steps is quite simple. Detailed steps can be found on page 12 of the textbook.

Fire TV Stick Compatible: This 1080P projector can fit a broad variety of computers, such as PCs, tablets, PS3, PS4, USB sticks, chromecasts, DVD players and so on. If you want to stream netflix or disney on it, please plug in an additional 1080P Fire TV stick. Actually, both led projectors cannot support netflix, hulu, disney while attached to smartphones.

Office Device Compatible: In comparison to other LED projectors, the WiMiUS K1 projector can read power point presentation, excel and USB stick word (2.0) directly. It’s quite easy to have a tiny meeting. There’s no need to take a heavy PC to visit from now on.

±50°4D Correction Multi-angle projection: WiMiUS K1 is fitted with a special 4-point data correction feature, it allows it simpler to change the image form. No matter where you placed the projector, you could still have rectangular pictures.
Note: For greater visual effect, it is advised to project from the front in particular.

WiMiUS K1 Specs

Focus: Manual
Keystone correction: 4D ±50°C
Zoom: 100 percent to 50 percent
Ratio of appearance: 16:9/4:3
Energy consumption:80W
Tension: AC100-240V/50-60Hz
Port: USB2.0×2, HDMI×2, AV×1, AUDIO out of×1
Photo Format: JPG-appropriate PNG-appropriate BMP-appropriate JPEG
Video format: 3GP/AVI/FLV/MP4/VOB/TS/M2TS/DAT/MKV.

Multi-projector mode: in the settings, you can flip the image. It will support front and back projection. For those who wish to conserve more space, it is advised to put it on the ceiling. (The dimensions for the ceiling mounting screws are M5*10mm)

50-300 Inches Giant Screen: The screen can be bigger by pushing the projector nearer to the screen. You could have as wide a computer as 300 inches.
The optimum projection distance is 3.3m for a 100-inch screen.

WiMiUS K1 projector has a 50 percent Zoom Function. With a 50 percent zoom camera, you can project on the wall at home and display videos of any size you want.

With Dedicated Storage Bag: the dedicated storage bag is comfortable for storage, and the soft liner within the bag is sturdy and robust, offering the maximum degree of security against the element, making it a healthy and reliable accessory anywhere you are.

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My Honest WiMiUS K1 Review
I enjoy projection entertainment, and I’m still searching for upgrades that they’ve changed more and more all the time. This one was a big update, image clarity, brightness is off the map, and the projector’s prime menu system is amazing too. The 4D alignment is so fast, this entire projector has been set up in five minutes and enjoys a movie. First off, half the time, I need a light in the space because of my mom’s idea of moving around. Any projector I have bought has taken the initiative of keeping more and more light on. This one, I’ve got all the lights maxed out, my Christmas tree bursts with illumination, and I always get a beautiful photo. Hard to display this one, where I did a video to show, and had to put the 4D screen alignment menu to everybody. In reality, this one has the longest adjustment distance I’ve seen, where my last one was 4D alignment, but this one has really changed. No cons that I might see on this one, tonight’s gaming is off the chart’s awesome image, too, where I’m really pleased with this buy.


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