Vodzsla Triple Laptop Monitor Review and Specs

Millions of computer users recognize the significant productivity improvements that extra computer displays may provide as urbanization accelerates. The Vodzsla Laptop Monitor is designed in response to user demand, so you can simply take a lightweight and robust monitor wherever you go, allowing you to stay productive on the job and have a better gaming experience.

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With a reduced blue light design and brightness adjustable capabilities, the 13.3″ Full HD LCD IPS Vodzsla portable laptop displays care for your eyes while providing a vivid, bright, and immersive viewing experience! It also includes an ultra-portable, energy-saving, and compact design, as well as a portable and folding design that can be carried anywhere.

Vodzsla 13.3″ FHD 1080P IPS Screen provides a rich color picture and a crisp view from all angles. Each screen is independently adjustable and has a USB/HDMI/Type-C interface. It provides users with multi-screen simultaneous display and multi-screen different display, increasing work productivity by up to 50%. With a thickness of less than 7mm, it is suitable for 15-17 inch laptop screens.

Plug & Play: With the expandable bracket, it can be simply and securely connected without the need of any other accessories such as a magnet. There is no need for any driver installation with Plug & Play. Each tri-screen on Vodzsla portable monitor has three interfaces: two for video signal input: USB-C full function (SS), and one for power: USB-C power. Each screen needs both a video and a power feed to work; however, not all USB-C ports on laptops support video.

Portable folding extension has complete 235°rotation and 180°display mode to share the same laptop screen, or rotate either side of the screen for desired viewing angle; and may select horizontal/vertical viewing, and 45-degree three-screen display for greater visual experience. If you are unsure if this laptop monitor is compatible with your computer model or have any questions, please contact us for a more extensive product description or troubleshooting methods.

Wide Compatibility: Vodzsla portable monitor is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Android, and it works with USB-c/Type-c 3.1 phones that enable full-featured output. Providing an incredible experience for professionals, athletes, students, entrepreneurs, and programmers, among others. If you are unsure if this monitor is compatible with your laptop model/size, please contact the seller’s customer care for a thorough description.

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My Honest Vodzsla Triple Laptop Monitor Review

I work entirely from home. I work a lot using Power BI and Excel. My home workstation has two large displays, but I’ve never been able to leave it and work without slowing down my productivity. And every now and then, I’d want to sit in my living room, on my porch, or even outdoors at a coffee shop and work. Again, using solely the laptop screen reduces productivity.

That’s where the Vodzsla Triple Monitor comes in. I can easily travel and work from a hotel, coffee shop, or even my home table without losing productivity due to just having one screen. The screens fold up well and easily fit into my bag (but be cautious since one of the displays is visible when folded up and might be damaged). Would be ideal if there was a cover or if it folded in such a manner that the screen was not visible from the outside).

I expected size to be a problem since I’m accustomed to 22″ displays, but it wasn’t. I merely need the additional room to run numerous apps without having to minimize displays. The screen quality of Vodzsla Triple Laptop Monitor is excellent, and the brightness can be adjusted. Obviously, sitting directly in the sun is not ideal, but adding a little shade can remedy this.

If you’re working outdoors, you may require privacy screens, but I’m sure you can locate ones that match the screen size.

Cabling is excessive, particularly if you don’t have c ports. However, this may be avoided by employing creative cable management or a hub. Overall, this was a fantastic buy that I’m delighted I made.




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