VIOTEK NBV24CB2 Review: 24″ Curved Frameless Monitor

75Hz Monitor Refresh Rate
Gorgeous Images, Vivid Colors
Smoother Gaming
Versatile Connectivity
Enhanced Viewing Comfort

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Experience flicker-free video with seamless transitions whenever you need it: all the time. VIOTEK NBV24CB2 monitor comes with a faster refresh rate which decreases visual fatigue while boosting display clarity, allowing you to see more comfortably for longer periods of time.

Beautiful Pictures, Vivid Colors — VIOTEK NBV24CB2 monitor comes with an improved VA panel with a contrast ratio of 4000:1 which provides images with superb color reproduction and exact detail. With 6 display modes and user-controllable brightness, you can find your visual “sweet spot” and tailor the screen to your specific preferences.

Smoother Gaming – Adaptive Sync with low framerate adjustment enables you to play high-speed games without experiencing visual distortion. There is no ghosting, glitching, or blurring. Nothing but liquid-smooth gaming. Compatible with FreeSync and G-Sync.

Versatile Connectivity — Use the VGA port to connect your VIOTEK NBV24CB2 monitor to older devices and laptops. There is no need for a dongle. Most current gadgets, including cameras and gaming consoles such as the Xbox X/S, may be linked through the high-performance HDMI connector.

Enhanced Viewing Comfort – The subtle 3000R curve allows you to view more of your material without moving your head too much. The anti-glare screen and reduced blue-light filter add to the overall comfort.

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My Honest VIOTEK NBV24CB2 Monitor Review

On the right the VIOTEK NBV24CB2 seems to be a touch duller in terms of color than the one on the left, but that is because we are comparing this $120 monitor to a $260ish one. I was able to improve their color quality in the Nvidia Control Panel, but one technical aspect puzzled me.

The display simply snaps into place on the stand, with no bolts or screws required. I don’t believe it will topple, but it does wobble quite a bit. Fortunately, the simple answer is to purchase your own monitor stand, which I already have on order since VIOTEK NBV24CB2 monitor came early.

Aside from the wobbling, I believe this is ideal for a second monitor and even gaming. However, if you’re a serious gamer like myself, I’d recommend a higher refresh rate display.


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