VIOTEK GFT27CXB 27″ Gaming Monitor Review

Compared to other 240Hz gaming monitors found in the market that cost significantly more than $300, the Viotek GFT27CXB is already perhaps one of the most economical 240Hz gaming screen at the industry at the moment. This monitor supports Free Sync, and also we can confirm it works perfectly with AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

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The fastest refresh rate available on the current market, the VIOTEK GFT27CXB 240Hz monitor unleashes the full power of your PC, bringing unparalleled fluidity for your games — notably CS: GO, PUBG or even Fortnite. Best of all, all of your responses become part of this activity, taking your gameplay to another point. And kick things into overdrive and enjoy blazing-fast 1ms response time, ideal for E-Sports names and much more.

Require The guide on your fave FPS game whenever you empower GamePlus-integrated Crosshairs. Just take every shot using game-winning accuracy, even on games which have crosshairs disabled. Bring the conflict from the shadows with FPS/RTS display optimizations. Brighten dark spots and also show the details which you may typically overlook — for example snipers hiding in the shadows. Think you want an overpriced G Sync monitor? Think again! Even the Viotek GFT27CXB may be manually enabled to work with NVIDIA GSync.

And revel in the fluid gameplay potential while grabbing every detail, however fast-paced the activity is. Because of AMD Free Sync ™ with LFC (non-framerate compensation), it is possible to expect smoother motion with all your games, over the entire refresh range up to 240 Hz  also when the framerate drops below 48Hz. The elastic algorithm adjusts the refresh rate to smooth outside jerkiness from sudden drops in framerate. This not only helps with faster, motion-heavy matches but also during the more fluid, slower moments in the game, giving you a solid mixture of smoothness and clarity. Say goodbye to ghosting and motion blur — indefinitely. Can easily integrate the VIOTEK GFT27CXB into virtually any set up you require. Make use of the 3.5mm audio out to bring your favourite sound-bar or headset into the mixture. Connect to a gaming console using HDMI or even DisplayPort. Or use it as another monitor for your laptop. That is easily the best 27-inch gaming monitor available on the market today that does not discriminate on specs, so doesn’t sacrifice top-shelf options, and will not break the bank.

The 1080p screen resolution in GFT27CXB gaming monitor delivers optimum pixel functionality which will have you mesmerized. Perfect for the lightning-fast 240Hz screen refresh speeds. Smooth video, zero dropped frames. Kick things into overdrive for rapid-fire 1ms reply times.

The VIOTEK GFT27CXB TN panel does what most TN panels cannot: deliver stunningly authentic colours with 99 per cent sRGB gamut. Its colours aren’t only rich in-depth, but fully customizable, but with distance to store up to 3 unique user profiles.

We all know what gamers need to take the guide and keep it. This is precisely why we provide players tools to play harder and better: The VIOTEK gaming monitor comes with an AMD FreeSync using LFC (low-framerate reimbursement ) to get liquid-smooth gameplay; Game Plus crosshairs for direct hits, each moment.

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Desire your HD track higher? You got it! Is desire in portrait style rather than landscape? Easily done! The fully ergonomic GFT27CXB monitor includes a rack which you’re able to lift, pivot, swivel and tilt your path to perfect viewing comfort.

My Honest VIOTEK GFT27CXB monitor Review

In portrait mode, I use it as my second monitor (left). What I actually wanted was the adjustable stand. The simple set-up and adjustable stand enables for effective tilt, height, and vertical/horizontal adjustments. The quality is excellent, and there have been no complaints after a month of use.

The visual quality is fine, but obvious if you have a better quality display; my main monitor is 1440p, and the difference is noticeable. HOWEVER, this is not the monitor’s problem.

I can’t comment on its performance as a standalone monitor because I’m not using it for that. I believe it will be OK. Worth the money.


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