VAVA VA-CD001 WiFi Car Dash Cam Review

VAVA VA-CD001 Dash camera includes NT96663 CPU, which helps to record at 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution. The facing camera utilizes a Sony IMX291 sensor and f/2.0 aperture that may handle low light requirements and ensures a flawless video clip. Swivel the camera manually up to 360° to capture images inside and out of the vehicle. The 155° lens covers as much as five car lanes and helps to record in-car conversations or exceptional moments.

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Q. What is the resolution of VAVA VA-CD001 WiFi Car Dash Cam and what does this product do?

A. 1080P@60fps along with 360°Swivel angle based on powerful Novatek NT96663 CPU, the dashcam captures up to 5 car Closets with its 155°lens recording at 60fps with Superior details capturing license plates

Q. Which sensor is used in VAVA VA-CD001 WiFi Car Dash Cam?

A. The Sony IMX291 CMOS image sensor offers crisp and clear footage day and night builtin GPS can accurately track your driving road location and speed from km/h or MP/H.

Q. What is the use of mobile App VAVA Dash?

A. VAVA Dash app (full-featured VAVA Dash camera mobile program) lets live watching real-time photo & video sharing on social media or direct networking transport of signs to authorities & insurance companies directly from the phone.


VAVA VA-CD001 dashcam will automatically input REC Mode after powered on. Automatically captures unexpected driving injuries and retains video footage of the accident. Your safety and rights are consistently under protection. Or that the VAVA Dash Application provide signs to police and insurance providers directly from your mobile phone.

Parking manner tracks your automobile surroundings while your vehicle is parked, and the engine is not running. Built-in 320mah battery, may trigger 3040 times when discovered sudden shake crash, and every trigger will capture A15 seconds video when parking.

The VAVA VA-CD001 dashcam connects to the program with its wifi signal. You’ll continue to be ready to use your Mobile data if it’s IOS or even android devices when connected with wifi; Utilize the `’VAVA Dash” App, the videos will be live-streamed to the program, so you may download and store the footage, events or snap-shot Videos directly for a smartphone. Afterward, you may trim a pushing clip and share it with your friends and family.

Loop recording g sensor & parking mode easy loop recording will probably be automatically triggered when launching the engine off videos will be stored in 1 two or second sections with an Auto-Looping mechanism.

Compact design & super-easy setup discreet style allows for a well-hidden watch that captures all events on the road ahead The 360°Swivel mount to capture footage inside and outside of the vehicle.

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Constructed GPS in VAVA VA-CD001 Dash camera will automatically capture the speed, coordinates, and location of one’s car when the car starts. This feature allows you to check your journeys, also share your travel logs via the program.

Sits on the controls (or place it wherever suitable ) also allows one to capture the unexpected as it occurs quickly.

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