VANKYO Leisure L3W Mini Projector Review

The new updated Vankyo Leisure L3w mini projector comes with 3600L brightness and can produce an image from 33″ to 176″. The projector can produce a bright, clear, crisp and detailed projection image.

VANKYO Leisure 3W

VANKYO Leisure L3W Wireless Video Projectors bring openness, reasonableness, and remote opportunity to you. With particularly compact intended for home amusement, the LED  projector empowers to share screens from IOS or Android gadgets remotely and helpfully.

Amazing 1080p upheld VANKYO Leisure L3W Mini Projector is perfect for your home theater and open-air exercises. With Optimum projection screen from 33″ to 176″, the video projection separation fluctuates from 3. 28ft to 18. 04 ft bringing a surprising artistic encounter.

For a versatile projector as VANKYO Leisure L3W, it is good with TV Stick, Chromecast, PC, Xbox, TF card, iOS, or Android gadgets, and so on. The upgraded sight and sound projector include an assortment of decisions for you to appreciate games, films, TV arrangement, or photographs sharing.

Outfitted With a leap forward fan commotion concealment framework just as a creative cooling framework with heat scattering, VANKYO Ultra-calm Video Projector gives excellent, shading rich execution and vivid pictures you can’t get from a level-board TV.

VANKYO 3 months free return for full discount and 3-year free fix, guaranteeing a long haul proficient client assistance, and specialized help. If you have any issues, kindly don’t hesitate to reach us.

VANKYO Leisure L3W Mini Projector can without much of a stretch associated with your iOS and Android devices. Just associate it by WiFi or Directly interface it by your telephone USB Cable
Remote screen reflecting for gadgets, the projector give you free reflecting experience unbounded of wire and an adaptable method to appreciate with your family
Without associating by additional link, there’s likewise simple association while reflecting
Try not to need to utilize additional connectors for your telephone reflecting
Projection wherever that give a genuine free reflecting experience
VANKYO Leisure L3W Mini Projector gives a front center that guarantees your quick acclimation to a clear picture. There’s a ±15° electronic cornerstone to managing the projection.
Effectively associate with TV Stick or TV Box through HDMI ports. You can appreciate the TV appears on a huge screen like viewing with a major TV.
Outfitted with an advancement fan clamor concealment framework just as an imaginative cooling framework with heat scattering, there’s no commotion delivered.
With the modest size and multiple capacities of projection. VANKYO Leisure L3W Mini Projector is appropriate for amusement in family and other lackadaisical exercises.

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  1. Mike L Gallagher

    This product is amazing! We’ve used it at 70in(cod picture), 123in, and 132in(grinch,universal,gta5 picture) and all looks great!

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