TP-Link RE105 N300 WiFi Extender Review with Specification

Expand WiFi Coverage-Improve Internet WiFi coverage with two additional WiFi antennas that enable WiFi, Firewall, Connection Point.
More than a WiFi Repeater – RE105 also supports AP mode that establishes a new home WiFi link point.

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Given its scale, it can be hard to disregard the TP-Link RE105, since it very impressively plans WiFi coverage in places your home just can’t be accessed with your regular router. The RE105 supports a wireless bandwidth of up to 300Mbps and maintains the best running of all your favourite computers.
As good as you expect

Two external antennas with MIMO technology characterize the TP-Link RE105. MIMO technology improves the network significantly by improving broadband rates, and the two additional antennas guarantee that you make the most of a reliable wireless signal.

Effortless extension of the network
You are ready to attach to two quick taps.
Just press WPS on your router, and then press RE105 to start enjoying accessible, extended WiFi.
Link with confidence
The Smart LED indicator offers a clear colour-coded signal that helps you to find the perfect spot.

The TP-Link RE105 acts as a repeater to rescue you from a weak signal by broadening the network reach of your router to the main “empty places.”

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As TP-Link RE105 runs in AP mode, it transforms the Ethernet port into its WiFi hotspot to build a new network. Tether is an elegant program that helps users to track their portfolio extender easily.

Simple follow-up: Tether is an elegant framework that helps users to track the extension set quickly.

WLAN Range extension: improve WLAN range with two additional WLAN antennas compatible with WLAN, firewall, connection point *
More than a WiFi repeater: TP-Link RE105 also supports AP mode, offering a new home WiFi point.
Explore wired speed and stability anywhere in your home by attaching your favourite computer with the fast ethernet port
Excellent coverage with external antennas: two external antennas with advanced coverage technologies than normal range expansioners
Set up in minutes: Easy to set up and handle your WiFi using the TP-Link Tether software (Android, iOS) in a few quick and easy steps. Find the optimal place for the best WiFi link using a smart signal indicator.
TP-Link RE105 WiFi extensions are intended to enhance or boost WiFi range and not to increase speed directly. In certain situations, increased signal efficiency may influence the overall signal output.
If you have any issues during or after setup, please contact us. TP-Link has a 2-year guarantee and 24/7 technological assistance.




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