TOZO NC2 Earbuds Review: Long Battery Life, Transparency Mode, and IPX6 Waterproof

The TOZO NC2 Earbuds are a great option for those who are always on the go. With long battery life and a portable charging case, they offer a convenient and reliable listening experience. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and the transparency mode allows you to hear external sounds while keeping the earbuds in. They also feature optical sensors technology, one-step pairing and IPX6 waterproof rating, making them perfect for sports and outdoor activities.

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The careful construction of the TOZO NC2 hybrid active noise cancelling wireless earbuds makes them very comfortable to wear all day. You can listen to music at high volumes without bothering anybody else because of how little sound leaks out. However, the headphones’ active noise cancellation (ANC) feature falls short of expectations. Despite having three stages of active noise reduction, it is completely ineffective against low-frequency sounds such as those produced by bus and airplane engines.

Because the TOZO earbuds features a transparency mode that lets you hear what you want to hear, it enables the external noises to come in so you can hear and engage with the environment around you, and it helps you hear what is being said without taking off the headphones.

The optical sensor technology included into the TOZO-NC2 earbuds allows them to sense when they are in a person’s ears and shut off when the user removes them. This is made possible via a high-precision touch sensor that can detect the wearing condition in real time, making it suitable for both everyday use and specialized athletic activities.

To get the TOZO NC2 paired, just remove them from the charging case and put them on at the same time; this is made possible by a feature called one-step pairing. After there, connecting your headphones to your mobile device is as simple as activating Bluetooth.

Finally, an IPX6 grade for waterproofness implies that the earbuds are impervious to sweat and rain, making them a great choice for usage in the great outdoors. You can get 42 hours of playtime with the charging case, and you’re free to charge it whenever and anywhere you choose. In conclusion, the TOZO-NC2 hybrid active noise cancelling wireless earbuds are a great option for anybody in the market for a durable and high-performance pair of headphones.

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My Honest TOZO NC2 Review

True wireless earbuds may be a great convenience, but it can be challenging to find a pair that is both comfortable and has all the capabilities you need at a reasonable price. It is for this reason that I advocate for the Tozo-NC2 True Wireless Earbuds. They often cost less than forty dollars, and in my opinion, it is well spent on one.

As evidence of how much I value their use, consider the fact that this is my second purchase of those same headphones. These earbuds are comfortable to use for long periods of time and stay securely in my ears thanks to their custom-fit construction for the ear canal. Additionally, the battery life is outstanding, lasting up to 7 hours with active noise cancelling (ANC) turned on. Since they can be charged wirelessly, the earbuds are very simple to maintain charged throughout the day. Therefore, it is a practical tool to have.

One of the best parts of the TOZO NC2 is the active noise cancellation (ANC), which effectively blocks out background noises like sweeping and rustling. When I’m working as a janitor and need to focus on my tasks without being distracted by outside sounds, this tool is invaluable to me. Also, the music sounds crystal clear and detailed without any need for EQ adjustments, demonstrating the high quality of the audio.

However, there are several downsides to these earbuds that you should be aware of. The casing of TOZO-NC2 is tiny and easy to transport, but its hinge is flimsy, and it shows fingerprints far more readily than its predecessor. In addition, the wireless charging feature may be a little bit problematic, as seen by the fact that my phone periodically reconnects after being removed from the charging pad and the earbuds continue to charge even after they have reached their full capacity.

Despite these little issues, I still recommend the TOZO NC2 True Wireless Earbuds highly. Their durability and performance have pleased me much, and I think they provide a great value when considering their level of comfort, battery life, noise cancellation, and audio output. If Tozo is able to address the cover issues and add wireless charging to future iterations of these earbuds, they will be almost tough to beat.

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