TCL Alto 7+ TS7010 Review: 2.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar

The TCL Alto 7+ TS7010 soundbar provides clean pure and loud sound packed in a minimalistic design. It is a good sound bar with stereo output. It provides fairly loud sound and has a decent overall frequency response. This 2.1-channel driven speaker system can turn up the sonic experiences of watching films and playing video games.

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The TCL Alto 7+ TS7010 sound bar produces distortion-free audio at any volume level and with any material. You will be able to hear every detail with crystal clarity thanks to specialized components for left and right speakers, as well as fine-tuning by expert audio engineers. On both sides, the speaker channels are configured with one tweeter and one full-range driver. In addition, the sound bar provides unrivaled quality in its class without the bother of complex setup. A wireless subwoofer adds bass to make movies and music on your TV come to life. And, since it’s wireless, you can position the subwoofer almost anywhere to customize your bass exposure.


All required cords are included in the accessory package, whether you wish to connect to your TV through optical or audio connection (AUX/3. 5mm). Place the sound bar under your TV or wall and attach it with the accompanying wall mounting equipment to guarantee a perfect fit the first time. The TCL Alto 7+ TS7010 comes with an IR pass-through connection, enabling you to control your TV from the TV remote regardless of where you put the sound bar. This sound bar has three distinct sound settings that provide optimum sound for music, movies, and news.

Spotless and noisy sound stuffed in a moderate plan.

Remote subwoofer for additional bass and adaptable position.

Extraordinarily tuned to convey contortion-free stability at any volume. Subwoofer Size (WxHxD)- 8.3 x 12.9 x 9.8 inches.

Sound modes (music, films, and news) improve execution dependent on the content.

TCL Alto 7+ TS7010 home theater sound bar provides eight committed ground-breaking sound parts to duplicate total sound range with perfect precision.

Included IR goes through the link for unhindered TV Access from your TV remote.

Tweeters for lucidity to exchange, and more clear generation of music from violins, woodwinds, and different instruments.

TCL Alto 7+ TS7010 home theater sound bar provides profound bass ports to increase the sound understanding through low recurrence sounds.

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My Honest TCL Alto 7+ TS7010 Home Theater Sound Bar Review

I initially purchased a Bose 5 Solo sound bar since, after all, Bose is the finest, right? Consider it again! I purchased a 55-inch TCL television after first dismissing it because I believed that a television manufacturer could not be as excellent as Bose. Boy, was I wrong!

For those who want to compare, here’s a lengthy explanation of why this is superior to the Bose 5.0. Skip to the final paragraph if you’re just interested in my thoughts on this product.

Although I wanted to enjoy the Bose, the setup using the universal remote was a headache. They wanted you to connect it with your television (the code they supplied did not work), cable, and gaming console. (I did, however, utilize the optical connection that was supplied.) A headache all over! When I eventually got it to pair with my TV, the sound quality was good, but the volume didn’t even reach the level of my TV! I attempted to connect my other gadgets, but the universal remote didn’t work; it wasn’t worth it. I went online and returned it, then looked for a better choice and discovered the TCL Alto 7+.

The TCL Alto 7+ TS7010 is a high-end soundbar. I also used the optical cable to connect straight to my television. Set up the Bluetooth subwoofer across the room (it still has to be plugged in to an outlet) and connect it with a simple press of a button! First, I tried Bluetooth with my smartphone. Excellent and precise! I switched it to my TV with the press of a button on the remote that came with the sound bar (my TCL TV remote, like my Directv remote, has no trouble increasing and decreasing the level!!!). TCL, thank you for making this so simple with no additional steps!!) The sound quality is fantastic. I barely reached maximum volume, as far as I could increase it for my personal preferences, and it doesn’t crackle! This purchase has made me very pleased!


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