Sovboi VB6 Mini Projector with 360° Adjustable Stand, WiFi, and Bluetooth

The Sovboi VB6 Mini Projector introduces a revolution in portable projection. 1080P native resolution, a 360° Adjustable Stand and electric focus come combined in this compact device that boasts unequaled flexibility. WiFi & Bluetooth, full HD 1080p resolution and better brightness & contrast. 2024 Upgraded Model takes your home theater experience to another level of convenience and superior performance. For honest customer support, find Sovboi and open up a new dimension of entertainment.

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【Be Different From Others】The Sovboi VB6 mini projector wifi not only possesses native resolution of [1080P] ,but also comes with a[360°Adjustable Stand] .It can suit all your needs in any positionPlace it, tilt it, and watch whenever you want.
【Easy Control By Electric Focus】sovboi the first mini projector Bluetooth is designed with easy ways of electric focus and vertical keystone correction function just stay on your couch and get the image calibrated instantly using remote control.
【Wireless Projector WiFi and Bluetooth】The Sovboi VB6 2024 upgraded optimizes network congestion with wifi6 tech, also owns bluetooth5.
【Compact & Portable】Sovboi VB6 latest portable mini projector is designed with a unique small size of 7.16*4.01*6.
【Honest Customer Support】Sovboi dreams about the fact that all customers have their perfect home theater. We are sure that clients can inspire us to do better at improving our projector So we welcome all of them by contacting us regarding any issues or suggestions for this particular device!

In today’s fast-paced world, portability and versatility in a projector is an absolute necessity. The [360°Adjustable Stand] Mini Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth VB6 from Sovboi is ideal for use in all instances either at business presentations or during movie nights as well as when having gaming sessions. This projector is a compact and innovative device that provides an immersive and high-quality viewing experience.

360° adjustable stand is another highlight of the VB6 projector. Such a unique design makes it very easy to adjust the angle and height of your disposition facilities allowing you full control over the angles in which this can be projected. You can easily find your ideal viewing angle, whether you project onto any surface – wall or ceiling.

The VB6 projector also has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. It means that a customer can link his or her smartphone, tablet, or laptop wirelessly to the projector without having messy cables. In WiFi, you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows from popular streaming platforms such as Netflix or Hulu directly on these sites. It has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can add external speakers or headphones to give a more immersive audio session.

The Sovboi VB6 projector enables full HD 1080p resolution and has sharp images. All these you can ask for whether it be in watching movies, playing games, or giving presentations there will always be brilliant colors and sharp details. The projector has a high-quality LED lamp, which provides up to 50k hours of lamp life in order to guarantee its long serviceability.

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Electric focus is another interesting feature of the VB6 projector. With just a touch of a button, you can conveniently change focus on projection without having to manually. This makes things very convenient and easy for you to set up your content so that you can begin enjoying it right away.

The VB6 projector also has superior cooling technology to make sure it remains cool even if used for long periods. This not only extends the life of a projector but also ensures it runs silently, without any annoying fans.

The 2024 model for the Sovboi VB6 projector has been improved further to give an even better viewing experience. The new version comes with improved brightness and contrast so it will be easier to see under different lighting conditions. It also has upgraded connection features, such as HDMI and USB ports that make it suitable for many devices.

In summary, the Sovboi [360°Adjustable Stand] Mini Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth VB6 is a
2024 Upgraded Model: 360° Adjustable Stand WiFi Bluetooth VB 6 Electric Focus Video Projector, Mini Portable Home Theatre.

Price: $199.99 - $144.49
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