Sony XBR65A8F Ultra HD Smart OLED TV Review

The XBR-65A8F is Sony’s next-of-the-line OLED display featuring UHD resolution, along with HLG, HRR10, and Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities, along with Smart TV functionality thanks to Android TV. While the XBR-65A8F may look more like a NASCAR on paper, along with all its licensed technology, and what’s not, its graphical appearance is the epitome of sophistication by subtlety.

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Sony XBR65A8F Bravia OLED TV blends computing power with a stunning OLED image and a streamlined interface to carry home entertainment to a new level. The X1 Extreme processor up transforms your content to almost 4K HDR level, adding breathtaking contrast and total blacks to your favorite shows and movies.

Sony has a more conventional stand this year with the A8F, except that the stand is only visible. The Sony XBR65A8F Smart TV is nice and low and looks good with a barely visible frame/border. The stand also has a slim footprint, which means that your table does not have to be too big. Did I note that the architecture was sexy, sleek and cool. Oh, it is. The sides of the TV are thin blade and the full depth is 2.14.

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This year, the remote is not a sophisticated touchpad affair. The new black remote has hot buttons for applications such as Netflix and Google Play. Again this year, if you’re looking on the Smart TV site, we’ve never seen a better voice search system than the Android TV search feature available on the Sony 4K TVs. Voice search is now accessed via a button at the top of the remote. The quest for voice recognition works flawlessly, even in a loud room. The Sony XBR65A8F TV’s reaction time to produce results is swift and reliable. Only give it a shot. It’s fun looking for YouTube , Google Assistant, and Google Play options.

PREMIUM 4K HDR: X1 Intense Processor on Sony XBR65A8F Smart TV provides IMAX efficiency for improved film and display experience.
OLED IMAGING: 8 million self-lighting pixels produce the ideal black color for stunningly natural color.
NO BLUR Shooting: 120Hz refresh rate paired with OLED provides life-like, fast moving action scenes.
Audio REVOLUTION: Revolutionary acoustic surface processing emits crisp audio from the entire screen.
SMARTPHONE CONNECTIVITY: Use wifi to merge your Miracast and SideView Android / iOS computers
GENIUS TV: With Sony XBR65A8F Smart TV you can sync with Amazon Alexa or use the built-in Google Assistant to get full access.
IN THE BOX: Smart remote control, batteries, power cable, IR blaster, guidance, configuration guide and stand.
DIMENSIONS: TV with stand-57 x 33 1/8 x 10 1/8 inches; TV without stand-57 x 33 x 2 1/4 inches;


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