Sceptre C408B-QWN168W Gaming Monitor Review

40″ Class 16:9 QHD Display
3000R Degree Curved Design
Up to 165Hz Refresh Rate
AMD Freesync Premium Technology
Fast 1ms MPRT Response Time

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The C408B-QWN168W 38.5-inch Curved Quad 165Hz HD Monitor from Sceptre is Out of This World. Check out the newest member of the Nebula series! The Sceptre C408B-QWN168W Quad HD Monitor has a dramatic 16:9 aspect ratio and a 2560 x 1440 resolution on a magnificent 38.5-inch screen. Hold on tight, because the images aren’t the only thing that this display has to offer. This screen is great for gaming and artistic hobbies since it is powered by a VA (Vertical Alignment) panel that enables enhanced refresh rates, better contrast ratios, and exceptional viewing angles. With a brightness of 350 cd/m2, the ability to discern subtle and robust color differences for strong creative tasks comes in handy and is now made easier. This monitor, which is 99 percent sRGB, has a larger color gamut than most conventional displays, which contributes to the delivery of richer colors and distinguishing characteristics.

Immerse yourself entirely in the game world and see all the dangers and possibilities before your opponents do, thanks to a 3000R-degree curved design. Multitasking has never been simpler with the PBP and PIP functions provided by this display. PBP (Picture-by-Picture) allows you to divide the display in half by showing output from two different sources on the left and right sides. PIP (Picture-in-Picture) is also available for split-screen, but it varies in that one source appears on the main screen while another appears in a sub window. The Sceptre C408B-QWN168W curved display eliminates the need for a second monitor setup by giving amazing clarity over every inch of the screen.

Sceptre C408B-QWN168W 38.5-inch monitor also has AMD FreeSync Premium, which gives players smoother visuals and flawless on-the-fly movement in fast-paced games. By synchronizing the graphics card and display refresh rates, AMD FreeSyncTM Premium eliminates tearing and stuttering.Motion blur is removed, and the vision is extraordinarily sharp even in the thick of frenzied conflict, thanks to a blazing fast 1ms MRPT (Moving Picture Response Time). Images move three times faster and smoother than at regular refresh rates, minimizing screen tearing and ghosting. The fast refresh rate guarantees a better gaming experience by providing a clear visible edge in competitive gameplay.

Sceptre C408B-QWN168W monitor comes with an Anti-flicker technology which delivers a more crisp picture by preventing the lighting from flickering on and off. Reduce the output of blue light from your display with the Blue Light Shift program, which allows you to work, see, and play for longer periods of time while protecting your eyes from tiredness, irritation, and strain. Multiple ports provide up to 165Hz frame rates, and HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 support up to 144Hz refresh rates. With an adjustable design that allows you to raise, drop, swivel, and tilt the monitor as needed, you can find the appropriate angle and position the display to make your environment even more comfortable. This monitor also has a VESA wall mount pattern, giving you the choice of connecting the monitor to an articulating arm or mounting it on the wall for your perfect arrangement.

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Refresh Rate: Stay ahead of the competition with a refresh rate of up to 165Hz, providing you with a performance advantage as frames transition instantaneously.

Gamers may experience smooth visuals and flawless on-the-fly movement in fast-paced games with AMD FreeSync Premium.

To avoid tearing and stuttering, the graphic card and display refresh rates on Sceptre C408B-QWN168W are synced.

99.9% sRGB: With 99.9% sRGB, this monitor has a broader color gamut than most typical displays, resulting in richer colors and distinguishing details.

3000R Curvature: The 3000R degree curved design completely immerses you in the game world, allowing you to spot all threats and opportunities before your opponents.

Multiple Digit Ports: The DisplayPorts on Sceptre C408B-QWN168W monitor give a refresh rate of up to 165Hz, enabling outstanding vision and agility to outperform your regular player. Both HDMI ports have a 144Hz refresh rate, which is rather good.


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