Samsung QN75Q60AAFXZA Review: 75″ Class Q60A Series QLED Smart TV

  • 3840×2160 Resolution
  • Quantum Processor 4K Lite
  • Quantum HDR
  • Transform What You’re Watching to Stunning 4K
  • Object Tracking Sound
  • 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot
SKU: QN75Q60AAFXZA Category: Televisions

Samsung QN75Q60AAFXZA Q60A Series QLED Smart TV comes with a Quantum Dot Technology which provides over a billion shades of color that remain true-to-life avoiding bleeding out at any amount of light, thanks to 100 percent Color Volume.

Enter an environment rich with colour and sharpened to razor-sharp clarity, all rendered possible by the force of Quantum Dot technology. An easy-to-use Smart TV app learns what you want and recommends interesting new materials. If you like games, Game Enhancer instantly eliminates annoyances such as tearing and stuttering.


Adapt to the content’s mood: Samsung QN75Q60AAFXZA 75″ Class Q60A Series QLED Smart TV comes with a Backlighting tech which changes the color hue such that you can display it the way it was intended to be used.

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Experiment on a wide variety of details: Samsung QN75Q60AAFXZA has a Quantum HDR which enhances detail and contrast by extending the range of color and detail beyond what is feasible on HDTVs. HDR10 dynamic +’s tone mapping provides darker blacks, more vivid imagery, and a photo that pops.

Powerful image processing: A single chip orchestrates colour, optimizes the high contrast ratio, and masters HDR.

Look at the picture, not the TV: From every perspective, a stylish, modern, yet minimalistic style pulls you through the screen.

Decorate your room with your favorite images: Keep your space new by projecting several photos of a stunning college or a slideshow.

For absolute access, use a single remote: Samsung QN75Q60AAFXZA comes with OneRemote which senses and monitors all compatible linked devices and content automatically.

Spend your time viewing rather than searching: Universal Guide offers a customized selection of selected materials from television and online platforms. Find all of your favorite materials in one spot.

Multi View divides the TV screen in half, placing the content you’re viewing on one side and mirroring your smartphone device on the other. While enjoying your favorite show or game, you can watch fitness videos, review sports scores, and do other things.

Select your speech assistant: Access your favorite content quickly, get answers, and even power your Samsung QN75Q60AAFXZA smart TV and other home-connected gadgets.

Monitor your smart home with SmartThings: QLED collaborates with SmartThings to give you complete control over your smart home. QLED connects to IoT gadgets and sensors, allowing you to switch on the lamps, check the contents of your fridge, and even control your robot vacuum cleaner from the comfort of your sofa.

My Honest Review
After a month of owning Samsung QN75Q60AAFXZA TV, I realized how badly I was fooled by smart TV QLED reviews about how this TV could not reach the high expectations of an OLED or a SONY X1 cpu. It makes no difference. At a maximum of 60 frames per second, this TV produces outstanding colors, contrast, and HD. More than 60 FPS is not needed because the human eue does not see any difference! Reviews can lead you to think that a 120fps TV has an advantage, but it does not. Plus, you can’t help but hate 60fps movies because they seem so flat in action, similar to a TV show or soap opera. But you’d leave the judder reduction at 0 anyway to get a theater sound!

However, if you want HDR, the lite processor performs extremely well. Everything you need to do is ensure that your internet connection can handle the high bandwidth needed to accommodate the 4K dazzling data that the processor can bring to life with the QLED technology, where the color shines so brightly. You’re not going to watch a TV set that’s as vivid and as big in HDR as the one in the supermarket, trust me. The true mark of a successful TV is the ability to minimize the high levels of details, color, and light to HUMAN values, allowing you to sit in front of the TV without having a headache while also producing brilliant lifelike images. And this one does it exceptionally well. I’m glad I didn’t waste an additional $1000 on anything I don’t need. Even in a dark setting, the Samsung QN75Q60AAFXZA smart TV is fantastic for watching movies.


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