With cutting-edge technology that integrates deep learning algorithms with the Neo Quantum Processor 8K, you can turn your favorite movies, images, and other media into stunning 8K.

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With 1.5X more lighting zones than standard Quantum Matrix Innovation, you’ll see unthinkable details in the deepest blacks to the brightest whites with SAMSUNG QN65QN800AFXZA Smart TV. The strong evolution of the QN800A Series Neo QLED includes backlight dimming new tech that precisely controls our proprietary Quantum Mini LEDs.

With the brilliantly adaptive Neo Quantum Processor 8K, you will witness unprecedented clarity and depth. With AI-based deep-learning analysis of the video scene-by-scene enhancing anything you watch, the future of television is here today. With the ultra-sharp Samsung Neo QLED, you’ll be immersed like never before.

Dynamic sound that implements and tracks on-screen action: With directional, accurate sound that projects from speaker systems built into all four sides of the SAMSUNG QN65QN800AFXZA TV, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the activity.

The director’s vision is brought to life by spectacular clarity: Rich color, deeper contrast, and HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping in QN800A Series Neo QLED Smart TV bring information to life, shifting color and contrast scene by scene for remarkable clearness.

Real 8K Resolution: Experience the power of each frame with 33 million pixels that provide an incredible sense of depth and concision, all while being four times the resolution of 4K.

8K AI Upscaling: With cutting-edge technology that combines deep learning algorithms with the Neo Quantum Processor 8K, you can convert your favorite movies, videos, and other media into stunning 8K resolution.

100 percent Color Volume with Quantum Dot: Take light to a new level with this advanced tech, which delivers a billion breathtaking shades of color that remain true even in bright scenes.

Minimal glare to decrease distractions: SAMSUNG QN65QN800AFXZA smart TV comes with an anti-reflection layer that reduces glare and decreases undesired interruptions, you can enjoy your favorite videos without disruption at any time of day.

Ultra Viewing Angle: Ultra Viewing Angle is created to minimize glare and improve color no matter where you sit, ensuring that every seat is the best.

The Samsung QN800A Series Neo QLED Smart TV and soundbar work in perfect union: Surround yourself with sound from both your TV and soundbar speakers, which are perfectly synced for better, more room-filling audio.

Auto-optimized sound for your environment: With sensors that enhance the sound experience depending on the sound quality of your space, whether the SAMSUNG QN65QN800AFXZA TV is mounted on the wall or positioned on a table, you can get a customized sound experience.

Enhance the clutter-free solution with beauty: The Attachable One Connect is a stylish solution to eliminate cable clutter. It provides compact flexibility for keeping wires out of stage, whether you install it on the wall, put it behind the TV stand, or simply keep it on the tabletop.

Outstanding motion improvements at 4K 120Hz: Action movies, sports, and games look clean and fluid, with the additional perk of next-generation gaming functionality such as HDMI 2.1, Game Motion Plus, and 4K at 120Hz.

SAMSUNG QN65QN800AFXZA smart TV comes with a Super Ultrawide GameView and Game Bar. For a larger, better experience, you can switch between multiple aspect ratios ranging from 21:9 to 32:9 and customize the display position to your eye level. Game Bar is an on-screen menu that allows you to make real-time adjustments to screen ratio, input lag check, FPS, HDR, wireless headset configurations, and much more.

View everything on a single screen: Watch your favorite movie while also mirroring your mobile on the same display, with numerous sound and layout choices.

Simply press to connect: Mirror your mobile on your SAMSUNG QN65QN800AFXZA TV with a single tap to continue watching movies, listening to music, and using apps on the larger display in secs.

Free television with no strings attached: With 150 channels and counting, you can watch hundreds of hours of subscription-free TV, cinema, and games.

Spend more time watching, not searching: With an easy on-screen reference that offers tailored recommendations for finding new content, you can easily pick your favorite movies and television shows all in one location.

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QUANTUM MATRIX Innovation WITH MINI LED: A stunning image driven by tiny hyper-focused light cells.

SAMSUNG NEO QUANTUM PROCESSOR 8K: Using multi-layered neural networks in SAMSUNG QN65QN800AFXZA smart TV, upgrade every image to 8K resolution.

INFINITY ONE Layout: Design simplicity yields beauty.

OBJECT TRACKING SOUND+: Dynamic sound that accompanies and tracks on-screen action.

QUANTUM HDR 32X: Stunning clarity gives the director’s vision to life.

The luminance range claimed by Quantum HDR is based on the internal testing standards and is subject to change based on observing environment or specific conditions.

ALEXA BUILT-IN: Ask your SAMSUNG QN65QN800AFXZA TV for more. Simply ask Alexa to open apps, switch the channel, scan for movies and TV shows, play music, control your smart home devices, and do other things. To communicate with Alexa, press and hold the microphone button on your remote. Simply say “Alexa” and ask a question if you have hands-free enabled.


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