Samsung LS32A700NWNXZA Review: 32″ S70A 4K Monitor

Superior Picture Quality
4K UHD High resolution
HDR10 with 1 Billion Colors
Best-in-class and versatile connectivity
TUV-Certified Intelligent Eye Care
Adaptive Picture, Eye Saver Mode, Flicker Free
Slim and Minimalistic Design

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With Samsung LS32A700NWNXZA monitor you can explore to become immersed in any detail. With 4x the pixels of Full HD, every aspect is shown in greater scope, and more screen real estate allows you to access numerous apps, software, and services throughout the day – providing a 4K cinematic video watching experience that can be enjoyed both at night and during the day.

Enjoy a billion colors with amazing depth on Samsung S70A 4K Monitor. Immerse yourself in every material with breathtaking color precision and detail. Any piece of content becomes a delight to look at and can be viewed just as the artist wanted, thanks to a broad variety of shades, almost infinite hues, and HDR10, which renders dark colors darker and the brightest colors much brighter.

Samsung LS32A700NWNXZA monitor comes with TUV-certified Intelligent Eye Care. Keep your eyes healthy and clear of pressure. For those late-night tasks, brightness and color temperature automatically change for optimal performance in either setting. Samsung, which is TUV-certified for intelligent eye protection, protects eyes from intense blue light with an eye saver mode and a flicker-free option.

Uninterrupted emphasis on maximum productivity: Keep concentrated on your job with minimal distractions thanks to a nearly borderless interface of Samsung S70A monitor. Alternatively, with dual displays, you can search through several applications, addresses, or papers without losing attention, thanks to close gapless consistency, which is complemented by the slim metal stand to satisfy your aesthetic needs.

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Samsung LS32A700NWNXZA Features

SUPERB IMAGE QUALITY: (4K UHD High resolution, HDR10 with 1 Billion Colors)

Connectivity that is both best-in-class and scalable

Intelligent Eye Care that is TUV-certified (Adaptive Picture, Eye Saver Mode, Flicker Free)

Style that is slim and minimalistic (Borderless design, slim monitor design)

Productivity is a term used to describe the ability (Picture-by-picture, picture-in-picture)

Plus Automatic Source Switch

My Honest Samsung LS32A700NWNXZA Review

After disabling the automatic brightness function and tinkering with some of the parameters, the Samsung S70A monitor produces outstanding image quality. Since it supports HDR, compatible videos and applications make it look much better. I enabled HDR in Windows settings, and the display correctly detected that HDR was enabled.

The package was thin and light for a display of this scale. All was encased in rigid foam and the screen was adequately covered with a soft foam-like cloth. There was no loss to speak about. It just comes with a frame, an HDMI cable, and a power line. The stance does not appeal to me. Two tiny screws hold the arm to the monitor, and one screw holds the arm to the base. It just doesn’t sound very stable to me. The Samsung S70A panel may be turned up or down, but it can not be tilted down at once. It also has VESA mount gaps.

There are two ports in Samsung LS32A700NWNXZA monitor; one HDMI and one DisplayPort. You may screen one at a time or use picture-in-picture functions, which are useful for using your device when watching TV in the corner, for example. You may also change the size and location of the PIP image. You may also see all sources side by side if you want.

The buttons are a little clumsy. The power button and the rocker are interchangeable, and the rocker pad is used to maneuver across menus. If you have the best of it, it’s not that tough, but it’s a little uncomfortable at first.

As I plugged Samsung S70A monitor into my Windows 10 computer, it immediately increased the resolution to 4K and the text size to 150 percent. If you choose to fit something on the page and don’t like the text being smaller, reduce the text size to 100 percent (my preference), or even 125 percent.

No matter what size you pick, the text is sharp. The images and videos are breathtaking. The Samsung LS32A700NWNXZA is an excellent monitor for the price, particularly because it has two inputs. I just wish the stand was a little stronger.


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