Samsung LC27T550FDNXZA Monitor Review

Great contrast ratio
Optimum Curvature
FreeSync VRR support
Extremely low input lag
Eye Comfort Certification

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The Samsung LC27T550FDNXZA T55 is a good monitor for most applications. Its 32-inch screen provides an immersive gaming experience as well as adequate room to multitask. With FreeSync VRR compatibility and little input latency, it’s suitable for gaming.

Optimum Curvture: Introducing the most daring curve ever created. This landmark, the result of years of unwavering innovation, alters the structure of visual display and foreshadows the future of monitor technology. The letter “R” stands for round radius. The deeper the curve, the lower the “R” value.

TÜV Rheinland, a major worldwide testing, inspection, and certification agency, awarded Samsung T55 a high-performance curved display (1000R) and eye comfort accreditation for its exceptional 1000R curved display. The eye-comfort certification is only valid for 24-inch and 27-inch displays.

Ready to Entertain: Samsung LC27T550FDNXZA monitor comes with a handy HDMI, DP, and D-Sub triple interface and hence, you can connect to all of your favorite devices. Without plugging in a speaker, the built-in 5 watt speakers make it even simpler to get lost in your favorite movies or TV programs.

The Curve Champion is the world’s leading manufacturer of curved displays. Since being the first to introduce the unique displays to the globe in 2015, Samsung has led the curved monitor industry. Samsung’s curved monitors are routinely number one in market share thanks to industry-leading technology across a broad line-up. According to the IDC Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker 2019, Q3

Minimalist Design: The remarkable appearance of the almost borderless display is accentuated by a fabric-textured rear and a premium-quality thin metal stand. As a consequence, the monitor not only catches the eye but also matches any décor.

Easy on the eyes: When compared to traditional monitors with less curvature, the 1000R precisely matches the human field of vision, resulting in reduced eye strain. The whole Samsung LC27T550FDNXZA screen can be viewed in a single glance, reducing visual strain even after prolonged usage.

Protect your eyes and accomplish more with focused comfort. The enhanced eye comfort technology in the T55 lowers eye strain, allowing for more comfortable long-term computing. Flicker Free technology eliminates tedious and unpleasant screen flicker, while Eye Saver Mode reduces the amount of blue light output. Your eyes will remain fresher for a longer period of time.

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My Honest Samsung LC27T550FDNXZA Monitor Review

With the caveat that $300 is a little high for a 1080p non-gaming monitor, what you’re getting for the price definitely can’t be topped if you’re looking for a monitor that’s excellent for work and play. I used to use dual monitors at work, but since I’ve been working from home, I’ve been making do with just one 27-inch monitor. For a while now, I’ve been using a flat 1080p monitor, which makes it difficult to read information as it moves from one edge of the screen to the other, so I sought out the most aggressively curved screen I could find and landed on the Samsung T55 series with its spectacular 1000R curved screen.

With my old flat monitor, I primarily worked on one side of the screen, and if I needed to read information on the other side of the screen, I had to physically stretch over to do so. Now, with the Samsung LC27T550FDNXZA monitor, I primarily sit in the center of the screen and can work comfortably from one edge of the screen to the other without much strain due to its aggressive curve. Now, I must admit that a 32″ 1080p monitor is not ideal for business, since letters are obviously pixelated, and tiny “copy-right” icons are visible. Texts may be difficult to see without magnification, but it’s something I can live with.


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