QQH Portable Monitor Review and Specs

QQH monitor features a 0.3-inch slim profile and 2.1lb lightweight, the same thickness as the phone, fits in any travel bag, and is simple to take on the move. Immerse yourself in whatever you’re reading, watching, amusing, or producing while you’re on a work trip or simply want to watch a movie in your vehicle or play a game.

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QQH 15.6″ portable laptop monitor with 1920*1080 resolution, superior IPS glossy screen support 178° complete viewing angle, it produces accurate and vibrant color, pulls you into the film or game with realistic colors and outstanding detail. There is no splash screen or stuck, and the eyes are cared for, preventing eye fatigue for lengthy viewing.

Plug and Play – Widely compatible external display with two full-function USB-C ports (the newest USB-C 3.1 interface) and a Mini-HDMI connector, allowing for numerous connections to laptops, PCs, phones, Macbooks, PS4, Xbox, and Switch. Supports one Type-C cable for high-definition video signal transfer, making it simple to handle device connection issues.

Ultra Small for Travel – QQH monitor features a 0.3-inch slim profile and 2.1lb lightweight, the same thickness as the phone, fits in any travel bag, and is simple to take on the move. Immerse yourself in whatever you’re reading, watching, amusing, or producing while you’re on a work trip or simply want to watch a movie in your vehicle or play a game.

Job and play comfortably – With several display modes [Duplicate Mode/Stretch Mode/Second Screen Mode/Portrait Mode], you may have a clear second screen in a conference, extend your screen to boost your work productivity anytime, wherever, and improve your quality of life. By switching to HDR mode, you may get brighter highlights, higher contrast, deeper and more accurate color, and a more lifelike picture, resulting in a spectacular viewing/gaming experience.

QQH Portable Monitor Features: Excellent Picture Quality, More Accurate Colors, and a Beautiful Mirror Screen The new high-definition glossy screen provides a more accurate color experience. The 15.6″ FHD IPS mirror screen display has a 1920*1080 resolution @ 60Hz, providing you with a more comfortable, fluid, and clear viewing experience. Most gaming monitor enthusiasts are looking for.

Free Your Life – Includes a High-end Smart Cover that doubles as a stand, is made of high-quality PU leather, and can support your screen while also providing superb protection. Two folding grooves prevent sliding down and provide adjustable viewing angles for your convenience. Built-in twin speakers, clear and strong sound, 3.5mm audio jack, and a fully realized OSD Menu enable you to effortlessly choose your preferred method of enjoying outstanding visual transmission in-game, at work, and in other home entertainment.

Anti-blue Light, Eye Protection: QQH laptop or MacBook monitor screen filters dangerous blue light using internal optical technology, making it more acceptable for teenagers/children to study or play for extended periods of time while protecting their eyes.

Adsorption Smart Cover & Screen Protector: The smart cover case is simple and convenient to use, as well as slip-proof, scratch-proof, waterproof, and dustproof. The suction effect is more beneficial; it can be held securely all day without sliding, and the bottom has two grooves to fix, allowing you to pick various viewing angles and prevent eye strain.

Strong compatibility and a variety of connection methods: QQH USB-C display is compatible with most laptops, PCs, phones, PS4/5, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, and other devices that have Mini HDMI and 2 Full Function USB Type-C connections. Sometimes you just need one USB cable to get things to function; plug and play is more handy.

No pressure to complete, simple and elegant for white-collar workers: With just 0.3 inch and 2.1lb and an ultra-slim profile, 15.6″ screen, easily fit into a briefcase, ideal companion while going to the library or drinking coffee while working/meeting.

USB C Monitor for Mobile Phone: USB Type-C ports, connect to your devices with a single cable, and no drivers are required. It can effortlessly replicate the screen of your phone to broaden your vision. QQH monitor can be utilized for driving navigation, movie projection, and the game’s second screen.

Portable Switch Gaming Monitor: Works with PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, and other gaming devices. HDR high dynamic image increases picture color clarity, restores the true impact, and provides you with remarkable visual delight. Enjoy the game anytime, anyplace, with an exclusive high-definition 15.6″ screen.

Use as a second computer/laptop/mac display, dual-screen double productivity, work while entertaining, or useful for a multi-person meeting. You may watch a video while swiping the barrage, or you can work while watching a movie, whatever is most comfortable for you.

Twin Speakers: The dual speakers included into the QQH monitor enable you to immerse yourself in the great music and experience the effect of your hearing. You may regulate the level from 0 to 100, so you don’t have to worry about the sound being too loud or too soft.

Multifunctional Leather Case: The smart cover’s backside is magnetic, allowing it to steady and hold the monitor as a stand; there are two grooves in the base to provide you with two options for pleasant viewing angles. One groove may be folded to improve the bottom support of the second screen.

178° Super Wide Viewing Angle: The 178° wide viewing angle, IPS panel, and ultra-narrow bezel let your eyes to effortlessly grasp the accurate and vibrant screen image.

The OSD Function Trackwhell On The Right Side Of The Monitor: Scroll up/down the trackwheel to activate the Bringthness/Volume Menu (0-100). To access more functions, use the trackwheel to activate the OSD menu.

A 3.5mm Audio Outport – Headsets, speakers, or digital audio equipment extension interface is provided below.

NOTE: If you wish to change the brightness and loudness over 80%, make sure you have a 5V/2.4A or higher external power source attached.

Most computers and phones with USB-C ports can operate with QQH Monitor, but not all; please check to see whether your laptop or phone’s Type-C connector supports audio and video signals.

If there is no external power source, the phone will deliver power to the monitor; please ensure that your phone has sufficient power; if there is no signal, please plug in everlasting power (5V/2.4A); HDMI must connect an additional power supply.

Phones that lack a full-featured Type C connector must need an adaptor to connect. (IOS devices will need a lightning to HDMI adaptor.)

The Bluetooth keyboard and mouse must be linked to the phone/Bluetooth. laptop’s.

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My Honest QQH Portable Monitor Review

This monitor is very portable. A variety of devices may be linked thanks to the twin USB C and tiny HDMI inputs. As a third display, I’ve linked it to my phone, Nintendo Switch, and even my desktop gaming PC. It was a fantastic experience to play phone games on my S22 Ultra while linked to this screen and a bluetooth controller. I powered both devices with a huge USB battery bank, which lasted quite a while. The 15.6″ display is both huge and crisp. The HDMI, USB C, and USB power supply cords that were supplied were a great touch.

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