Philips 65PFL5602/F7 Smart TV Review with Specification

With Philips 65PFL5602/F7 you can now truely enjoy 4K streaming performance with built-in HEVC and VP9 decoders by enabling 4K streaming on Netflix, YouTube and many more features in the future.

Philips 65PFL5602/F7

Featuring Philips 65PFL5602/F7  65 “Smart 4 K UHD TV, experience 4K Super High Definition resolution for crystal-sharp videos, while High Dynamic Range ( HDR) technology lets you experience more depth and captivating colours. Experience a wide variety of web resources wirelessly through Net TV. Enjoy the film, pictures, infotainment and other online material directly on your Screen whenever you want.


Four times the quality of Full HD takes your user experience to an entirely new dimension. Appreciate every aspect and the beautiful nature of the images. With Philips 65PFL5602/F7 Smart TV,  you can now experience your beloved action videos and sports activities in breathtaking 4K Ultra HD quality. And if you’re viewing a video or watching a DVD, Philips’ Pixel Plus Ultra-HD Engine provides more explicit pictures of lighter whites and blacker blacks.

120 Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) produces intense motion sharpness for fine and vivid details in fast-acting movies. The current Philips PMR standard decreases reaction time for HDTV to deliver smoother scene transformations and reduces motion artefacts.

Using a patented video processing algorithm that tests the average luminosity of video frame, Philips’ Macro Dimming’s intelligent backlight dims the backlight to balance any video frame to guarantee that you have a life-like viewing experience of bright whites, vibrant colours and dark blacks.

Your Standard Definition and High Definition videos have never been better. The Philips 65PFL5602/F7 Smart TV comes with a 4K upscaling processor which provides crystal clear pictures. Standard definition and high definition movies will also be displayed in 4K Ultra HD, ensuring greater clarity and more true-to-life images.

Interactive sound and a simple voice focused on sound emotion. Absolute3D sound fills the environment with the perfect ambience, clarifies the speech and describes the sound level, making the encounter more interactive and pleasant.

View and surf anything and anything wirelessly from your mobile, tablet or PC on your Philips 65PFL5602/F7 TV. Consider the opportunity to gain unlimited access to any online location such as shopping, messaging, video, social networking, as well as your popular Television shows and sports events. Remote Screencasting the originating device screen is wirelessly mirrored on the Television to display information and watch.

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Experience a rich range of internet resources through Net TV wirelessly. Experience movies, images, infotainment and other online material directly on your TV anytime you want. Search wirelessly and pick what you want to see through your TV remote control. The Philips 65PFL5602/F7 smart TV comes with a menu which allows you access to famous Net TV services for your TV screen.



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