NETGEAR BR200 Insight Managed VPN Router Review

The Netgear BR200 Insight Managed Business Router has been engineered to be simple to set up and includes built-in firewall, VLAN and remote cloud monitoring, and can be controlled from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Introducing NETGEAR BR200 Insight Managed Business Router with remote setup and monitoring and firewall, IPsec site-2-connection, and VLAN functionality allow businesses to track and secure their networks quickly cost-effectively completely. Its 2-year guarantee and 90-day free phone and chat service render the Insight powered Enterprise Router the most trusted, accessible cloud-powered protection device on the market. It is also the newest addition to the Insight family, enabling Insight controlled switches, wireless access points, network storage, and enterprise routers to be managed under a single GUI from anywhere and on any screen.

The NETGEAR BR200 is designed with small to medium-sized and remote offices in mind. Smaller to medium-sized individuals should give their staff and clients safe access to the workplace intranet via a safe 2-site Virtual Private Network (IPSec VPN).
The router can be managed using Netgear’s Insight Remote Management solution, which operates with an iOS or Android app, or via any web browser. There are three subscription plans: Insight Pro, Insight Premium, and Insight Simple.

The product’s purpose is to render an office intranet far more straightforward, with OpenVPN remote VPN accessible from the Interface computer. Devices such as this make it safer and more comfortable to share IT resources across multiple offices, such as file servers, NAS devices, or business printers. The NETGEAR BR200 comes with an annual free Insight subscription for remote control, and no external hardware or cloud keys are needed.

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The NETGEAR BR200 provides one year FREE Subscription for remote management from anywhere and no extra hardware or cloud key needed. Configure, configure, and administer with the NETGEAR Insight GUI.
Stable VPN: The NETGEAR BR200 contains support for OpenVPN and IPsec site 2-site VPN access, and offers support for 256-bit SSL encryption.
Offers increased network efficiency and access control.
Involves state-of-the-art packet inspection (SPI), port/service blocking, DoS prevention, and more.
Designed with a 1.7Ghz fast, dual-core processor.
Plug-in switches, laptops, scanners, streaming players, and other local wired machines with 4 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports.


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