MSI Optix AG32C Curved Gaming Monitor Review

The MSI Optix AG32C 165Hz gaming display features a slim design with ultra-thin bezels and also 4 red LED strips, but its adjustability is limited as you can only tilt the display by -5 °/ 15 ° or VESA mount it making use of the 100 x 100mm pattern. The MSI Optix AG32C is a budget-friendly 32 ″ curved pc gaming monitor with a rapid 165Hz refresh rate, FreeSync, and 1ms MPRT. Well, if you want a big curved screen with a quick refresh rate that’s affordable and easy on the GPU, then you should buy the Optix AG32C gaming monitor.

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The MSI Optix AG32C gaming monitor features a 165Hz refresh rate that will minimize the picture after the image and render the image smoother, R1800 curved design perfect for your view, sRGB 110 percent offer true and vibrant display, Less Blue Light allows you to use it without interference and many more unique features. It’s far from enough that you only have a high-performance laptop without an outstanding gaming display. It’s time to update your new gaming weapon and appreciate a great visual experience with MSI Optix AG32C.

The MSI Optix AG32C gaming monitor has a 165Hz refresh rate.
1ms reaction time tends to reduce screen tearing and choppy frame rate
R1800 Curve Panel Style – Most appropriate for human eyes.
True color-NTSC 85 percent, SRGB 110 percent, viewing angle: 178°
Optimized with MSI VGA gaming – make sure you get the greatest experience.
Form of mounting: Vesa compatibility-mountable 100 x 100 millimeters.

My Review on AG32C Curved Gaming Monitor

So far MSI Optix AG32C Gaming Monitor is fantastic. I love the scale and the curve just helps you feel good. The colors are fantastic, obviously better than my old TN panel, and the response time is really quick, making it quick to move from the old TN to this new VA panel. I play shooters, RPGs, tactics, simulators, you name them, and this thing is epic to all of them. I’m sitting only an arm and a half length away from this beast, and it’s all very immersive. I updated from a 27-inch 1440p TN screen Acer, I just thought it was all too little on the 27-inch, so this panel works well for me.

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Frequently Asked Questions on MSI Optix AG32C Gaming Monitor

Question: Can I place the display in the wall so that it floats?
Answer: Yeah, this has VESA wall mounting!

Question: What is the gap between this (optix g27c2) and the g27c msi optix?
Answer: The optix g27c2 has the following features that the non-2 does not have:
1) Width view angle-178° available.
2) Adaptive sync-keep the screen tearing away from the display.
3) 1ms reaction time tends to reduce screen tearing and choppy frame rate

Question: What kind of panel is used in MSI Optix AG32C gaming monitor?
Answer: It’s a VA panel.

Question: What is the refresh rate while using the monitor port?
Answer: 144hz, okay. And it’s coming with a dp cord.

Question: Does this function on 240v?
Answer: Yes! This is going to fit just perfect with 240v!

Question: What is the pixel density of MSI Optix AG32C gaming monitor?
Answer: The pixel density of this display (or Pixels Per Inch) should be 91.79 PPI.

Question: Is there an HDMi cable in this box?
Answer Yes, and also a direct port cable.

Question: Will the MSI Optix AG32C be vesa mounted, if so please specify the exact size or if you need extra spacers, please specify the mount you used?
Answer: Indeed the display supports VESA mounting of 100 mm x 100 mm.

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  1. Chris R Maple

    I love the monitor ! 9/10

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