MOOKA RD-823 WiFi Mini Portable Projector with Carrying Bag

The MOOKA Mini Projector is a portable and versatile device that delivers impressive visuals and immersive audio. With its native 720P resolution and support for 1080P, 8000 lumens of brightness, and a contrast ratio of 5000:1, it ensures a vibrant and realistic projection. The projector offers multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, AV, and audio ports, making it compatible with various devices. It features the latest WiFi technology for lower input lag and stable playback, with screen synchronization between Android and iOS systems. The built-in 3W dual stereo speakers provide a surround sound experience, and the advanced cooling technology extends the bulb life up to 70,000 hours.

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Discover the amazing capabilities of the MOOKA RD-823 portable projector, featuring the latest WiFi connectivity technology. This innovative device offers an enhanced gaming and video experience with reduced input lag, thanks to its cutting-edge WiFi functionality. With a latency below 35ms, you can expect faster and more stable playback. Additionally, this projector facilitates seamless screen synchronization between Android and iOS systems through a simple, one-time WiFi connection.

Immersive Visuals: The MOOKA projector takes your viewing experience to new heights with its impressive display capabilities. It supports 1080P resolution while boasting a native 720P resolution. Utilizing the MStar advanced color engine and a 6-layer LCD lens imported from Germany, this projector enhances the refractive index, resulting in incredibly lifelike images. Whether you’re watching in a dark room or amidst ambient light, the projector’s 8000 lumens of brightness, 5000:1 contrast ratio, and 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio ensure a vivid and vibrant projection.

Versatile Connectivity and Flexible Screen Size: Connectivity is a breeze with the MOOKA RD-823 mini projector. It offers multiple ports including HDMI, USB, AV, and Audio, allowing seamless connections to various devices such as TV boxes, PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, external speakers, PlayStations, and DVD players. Adjusting the projection distance enables you to enjoy a wide range of screen sizes, from 45 inches to an impressive 200 inches. Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience right in the comfort of your home. Additionally, the projector’s 75% zoom function lets you adjust the image size without physically moving the projector.

Superb Audio Quality and Efficient Cooling: Experience the rich sound of a home theater with the RD-823’s dual 3W stereo speakers. The surround stereo sound effect enhances your immersion, making you feel like a real cinema. Furthermore, the projector incorporates advanced cooling technology, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and prolonging the bulb life up to an impressive 70,000 hours, compared to the industry standard of 40,000 hours.

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MOOKA RD-823 Specs

  • Resolution: Native 720P, supports 1080P
  • Brightness: 8000 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9
  • Projection Size: 45″-200″
  • Zoom Function: 75%-100%
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB*2, AV, Audio ports
  • Compatibility: TV Box, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphones, External Speaker, Playstation, DVD Player
  • WiFi Technology: Latest WiFi connection technology for lower input lag and stable playback
  • Latency: Below 35ms
  • Screen Synchronization: Android and iOS systems synchronization with a one-time WiFi connection
  • Audio: 3W dual stereo speakers for a surround sound experience
  • Cooling Technology: Advanced cooling system for efficient heat dissipation and extended bulb life
  • Bulb Life: Up to 70,000 hours
  • Warranty: 12-month repair warranty
  • Technical Support: 24-hour lifetime technical support

Important Notes and Support: While the MOOKA RD-823 offers an exceptional range of features, it’s important to note that due to copyright restrictions, popular streaming services such as Netflix, Disney, and Amazon cannot be directly accessed on the projector. However, you can still enjoy these platforms by connecting a TV Stick or using an HDMI connection. It comes with a 12-month repair warranty and round-the-clock technical support to provide peace of mind. If you have any questions or encounter technical issues, our professional after-sales team will assist you.

Conclusion: The Mooka Mini Projector, equipped with the latest WiFi connection technology, brings you an unparalleled visual and audio experience. Its versatile connectivity options, a wide range of screen sizes, and superb audio quality make it an ideal choice for home entertainment. Additionally, the projector’s efficient cooling system ensures longevity, while the provided warranty and dedicated technical support offer added reassurance. Upgrade your movie nights and gaming sessions with the remarkable features of the RD-823 portable projector.

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