TOPVISION T21 Projector with Synchronize mobile Screen

The TopVision mini led projector is upgraded to 2800 lux which is brighter compared to other 2400 lux led projectors. The lamp life of projector is more than 50000 hours and hence you can enjoy the home theater experience for more than 30 years without the need to change the lamp of the projector.

The TopVision T21 mini projector is a LED projector that comes with 2800 lux lens. The projector is brighter and crispier than other ordinary projector. It comes with 50,000 hours of lamp life, two years of warranty, and has low price which makes it the excellent product.  The bright 2400 lux lens projects bright and vibrant images at a clear and quick rate. The 50,000 hours lamp life makes the home theater last for 30years without changing the lamp of this photo projector.

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You can associate TOPVISION T21 film projector to cell phone, or PC by USB link straightforwardly, without HDMI connector or Wi-Fi condition. Perfect with Amazon Fire TV Stick/cell phones/tablets/TV/workstation/USB sticks/TF cards (max 32GB)/DVD players. Projector with reflect show doesn’t bolster play secured recordings, due to copyright.(Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu)

The TopVision T21 convenient small scale projector receives a differentiation proportion of 2000:1 and 16:10 perspective proportion. In the projector separation is 1.5-5.2 meters, the projection size can be applied to 50-176 inches. The prescribed survey separation is about 3m. Make the most of your home film time cheerfully. It is the best decision for a blessing.

To start with, Adjusting the ±15 cornerstone revision, makes the screen in a similar plane. Second, changing the center ring. What’s more, unique in relation to the sap focal point, the treated glass focal point has increasingly warm soundness. It can oppose high temperature successfully.


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