LG C2 Evo OLED TV Review: An Impressive Upgrade with Enhanced Features

The LG C2 Evo OLED TV is a stunning upgrade from its predecessor, offering exceptional color accuracy and minimal input lag. With features like Apple AirPlay, hands-free voice assistant access, and a sleek design, it’s a top choice for OLED enthusiasts. This Editors’ Choice award-winning TV delivers an immersive viewing experience and sets a new standard in performance.

LG’s C2 Evo OLED TV is a remarkable successor to the highly acclaimed C1 model, which we reviewed last year. This new offering from LG sets a new standard for color accuracy straight out of the box, eliminating the need for any calibration. In addition to its exceptional color reproduction, the LG OLED48C2PUA boasts the lowest input lag we have measured on television, making it perfect for gaming enthusiasts. Furthermore, it incorporates convenient features such as Apple AirPlay and hands-free access to select voice assistants. While the WebOS platform can still be a little cumbersome to navigate, it remains the only aspect we find fault with in this otherwise outstanding performer. Despite its higher price tag of $2,499.99 for the 65-inch model we tested, the LG C2 Evo undoubtedly deserves our coveted Editors’ Choice award for OLED TVs.

Design and Display: The LG OLED48C2PUA has a sleeker and more minimalist design compared to its predecessor, the C1. With an almost bezel-free panel, a slender strip of gray metal runs along the edges, leaving a black border of less than a quarter-inch between the panel and the active screen area. The panel itself is incredibly thin, measuring approximately a quarter of an inch, though the electronic components housed in a rectangular enclosure on the back add a bit of thickness, reaching 1.8 inches. Resting on a gray metal stand, slightly narrower than the C1’s, the C2 provides sturdy support. Alternatively, it can be mounted on a wall using a standard VESA mount.

Connectivity and Remote: On the left side of the enclosure, all the connections are conveniently placed, except for the permanently attached power cable extending from the bottom center. These connections include four HDMI ports (one with eARC support), three USB ports, an Ethernet port, an optical audio input, an antenna/cable connector, and 3.5mm ports for RS-232C control and an IR blaster. However, the permanently attached power cable is a slight letdown, as it limits flexibility and increases vulnerability to damage. The remote control provided with the LG C2 remains the same curved, black, button-laden wand found on previous LG TVs. Though functional, it can feel a bit bulky. The remote features a large circular navigation pad with a clickable scroll wheel in the center, doubling as a confirmation button. Above the navigation pad, you’ll find the number pad, volume rocker, and channel rocker, while below it are dedicated service buttons for Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Netflix. Additionally, there are buttons for accessing Alexa and Google Assistant. The remote also includes an accelerometer, enabling users to control an on-screen cursor.

WebOS 22: The LG OLED48C2PUA runs on the latest iteration of LG’s smart TV platform, WebOS 22. This platform offers an extensive range of features and a solid collection of apps. It covers all popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, YouTube, and even Twitch. The only noticeable omission is Crunchyroll. WebOS also includes a fully functional web browser that works seamlessly with the remote, along with ambient and art gallery modes. Additionally, a dashboard integrates LG smart home appliances and other compatible devices. Apple AirPlay and Miracast/WiDi are supported on the platform, while Google Cast functionality is absent.

Voice Assistant and User Interface: The LG C2 comes with a built-in voice assistant, allowing users to control the TV as well as other compatible smart home devices. Alternatively, users can access Alexa or Google Assistant for expanded functionalities. The LG OLED48C2PUA features a far-field microphone array that enables hands-free access to Alexa.

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LG C2 Evo OLED TV Specs

  • Model: LG C2 Evo OLED TV
  • Display Technology: OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
  • Screen Size: 65 inches
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Support: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
  • Color Accuracy: Best-in-class color accuracy out of the box with no calibration required
  • Input Lag: Lowest measured input lag on a TV
  • Smart TV Platform: WebOS 22
  • Voice Assistants: Built-in LG voice assistant, Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • Connectivity: Four HDMI ports (including one with eARC), three USB ports, Ethernet port, optical audio input, antenna/cable connector, RS-232C control, IR blaster
  • Gaming Features: Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) with AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync Compatible certifications, Game Optimizer mode
  • Design: Slim bezel, thin panel (approximately 1/4 inch), rectangular enclosure for electronic components (1.8 inches thick)
  • Stand: Rectangular gray metal stand (wall-mountable with VESA mount)
  • Remote Control: Curved black remote with navigation pad, scroll wheel, number pad, volume and channel rockers, dedicated service buttons (Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, LG Channels, Netflix), Alexa and Google Assistant buttons, accelerometer for on-screen cursor control
  • Additional Features: Apple AirPlay, Miracast/WiDi support, web browser, ambient and art gallery modes, dashboard for smart home integration
  • Price (65-inch model): $2,499.99
  • Award: Editors’ Choice for OLED TVs


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