LG 28MQ780-B Monitor Review with Specs

28” SDQHD Nano IPS Display
DCI-P3 98% (Typ.) with HDR10
Ergonomic Stand with C-Clamp
USB Type-C (90W PD)
Live Color Low Blue Light

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LG announces the 28MQ780-B DualUp Monitor with Ergo Stand, which is geared for creative workers and has a new format 16:18 aspect ratio SDQHD (2560×2880) display with a huge vertical screen area. The LG 28MQ780-B is a vertical dual 27-inch monitor configuration that lacks a bezel. The monitor comes with an Ergonomic Stand with C-Clamp that allows for greater display mobility than standard monitor stands, enabling you to tilt, retract, swivel, and pivot the monitor. The LG 28MQ780-B Dual’s Nano IPS display is designed for creative professionals and supports a broad color spectrum, 98 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut, and beautiful color reproduction with HDR10.

LG 28MQ780-B Monitor Specs

28” SDQHD (2560 x 2880) Nano IPS Display
DCI-P3 98% (Typ.) with HDR10
Ergonomic Stand with C-Clamp
USB Type-C (90W PD)
Live Color Low Blue Light

Aside from the unusual form, the LG DualUp 28MQ780-B provides most of the capabilities anticipated of a high-end USB-C display.

The most crucial feature is a single USB-C connector with DisplayPort Alternate Mode and up to 90 watts of Power Delivery. This is sufficient to power most current computers over a regular USB-C connection. It falls short of certain high-end versions, such as the Dell XPS 17 with discrete graphics, but that is true of all USB-C displays now on the market.

Two HDMI connections and one DisplayPort are available as additional video inputs. This results in a total of four video inputs. As I anticipate this monitor to be utilized with many PCs, I’d love to see two DisplayPort and one HDMI. Nonetheless, this is an adequate range of connection.

For added connection, the display offers a USB-B upstream port that drives two USB-A 3.0 downstream ports. Users may connect to the two USB-A ports using either the USB-C or USB-B connection, increasing flexibility.

Due to the lack of ethernet and video output, the DualUp LG 28MQ780-B falls behind similarly priced USB-C hub displays such as the Dell U3223QE. A headphone jack completes the picture.

On-screen menus is simple with intuitive joystick located on the monitor’s chin. The menus are concise and well-labeled. Color temperature, color calibration, and gamma are among the image-quality alterations available, however temperature and gamma adjustments are restricted to a few settings. It offers sRGB and DCI-P3 color space modes, which aren’t necessary for most people but are beneficial for professionals working on material that requires a particular color space.

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My Honest LG 28MQ780-B Monitor Review

This monitor is fantastic. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s incredibly simple and adaptable. I’m sure most people will use this at their workstation, which is ideal. I’m losing my eyesight quickly, and my 13-inch iPad and Macbook are becoming difficult to operate in my living room chair. I actually placed this up on the end table; when not in use, it swings out of the way. BUT, if I connect in one or both of my devices, I can share the screen or utilize the whole screen for one device and see everything fine. The monitor has multiple inputs, rotates if desired, and elegantly conceals the cords. It took less than 10 minutes without tools to install everything (although there is an allen wrench provided if you need to tighten a moving part – I did not have to.)

I’m going to ask my supervisor if I may obtain two of them for work.

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