LG 27GN800-B Gaming Monitor Review with Specs

  • 27” qhd (2560 x 1440) ips display
  • 1ms (gtg) response time & 144hz refresh rate
  • nvidia g-sync compatible with amd freesync premium
  • srgb 99% color gamut with hdr 10
  • 3-side virtually borderless display
  • Display technology: LED
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Built for players, the LG 27GN800-B offers the newest technology, software, ergonomics, elegant interface and sensory experience. With gaming-focused functionality such as NVIDIA G-SYNC support, 1ms GTG response times, pro-level customization and quick, vibrant IPS screens, you’re sure to gain an added edge.

Specs of LG 27GN800-B Gaming Monitor

  • 27″ QHD (2560 X 1440) Display
  • NVIDIA® G-Sync® Compatible
  • AMD FreeSync™ Premium
  • IPS 1ms (GtG)
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • HDR 10, sRGB 99% (Typ.)

With IPS 1ms similar to TN Speed, it provides a diminished afterimage and fast response time. LG 27GN800-B provides fluid Game Motion with 144Hz Refresh Rate. See the next frame immediately and make the scene appear smoother.

Enjoy the new HDR videos and games with HDR10 w/sRGB 99 percent (Type.): Improves image quality and enriched color of HDR content.

AMD FreeSync Premium: The LG 27GN800-B gaming monitor comes with FreeSync Premium technology which allows players to enjoy smooth, fluid action in high-resolution and fast-paced games. Practically reduces screen tearing and stuttering.

Dynamic Motion Sync Shows Action as It Occurs: Get the nearest thing to Real Time Gaming. Dynamic Action Sync raises the gaming for a pro-level performance. React to motion, opponents and any moment with minimal input lag and extraordinary results.

See Darkness with Black Stabilizer: The gameplay is never in the dark. Black Stabilizer is your partner to strike or protect from threats lost in the darkness.

The LG 27GN800-B offers a pro-level gameplay environment with improved vision and a start on the rivalry.

Crosshair Feature Offers a Precision Advantage: Accuracy is at the heart of the crosshair gaming. Center-display crosshairs offer improved vision and pro-level accuracy for improved precision in first-person shooter games.

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My Honest Review on LG 27GN800-B Gaming Monitor

I am writing this analysis as the former owner of 3 Asus PG279Qs and one PG279QZ. I have been drawn to this segment of the market for monitors because I do not feel that 4K screens are worthwhile it at this specific point in time. As far as I can see, the majority are weakened as the bandwidth requirements for operating 4:4:4 chromium subsampling, an increased color gamut, a refresh rate of 144 Hz and well beyond, and a resolution of 3840×2160 all at the same time will be much ideally adapted by DP 1.5 or HDMI 2.1 (the correct HDR will not hurt either). While it may be claimed that reaching 144 frames at 1440p is more resource expensive than 60 frames at 2160p, I agree the interaction is the most immersive, at least before 144+ frames become possible at 4K. Unfortunately, focused on the price-to-performance ratio pattern of the latest generation of graphics cards (Nvidia’s in particular), it would take a long, long period of time to do this at a fair price. All matters aside, I can honestly say that I’ve reached my sweet spot with the LG 27GN800-B displays. It answered all of the quality management issues I’ve faced in my search to try to get a high refresh rate, 1440p IPS-type monitor. Being that this is an LG device, the display should properly be referred to as having an IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen as this is its patented word for tech that produces a broader variety of colors and viewing angles.


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