LG 27GN650-B Review: 27” FHD IPS Gaming Monitor

27” Full HD IPS display
1ms (gtg) response time and 144hz refresh rate
nvidia g-sync compatible with amd freesync premium
srgb 99% color gamut with hdr 10

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The LG 27GN650-B is an excellent low-cost gaming display. It has low input lag, a 144Hz refresh rate, and fast response times to provide smooth and sensitive gameplay. It natively supports FreeSync and is G-SYNC compliant.

LG 27GN650-B Specs

27″ full-HD (1920 x 1080) IPS monitor
1ms (gtg) response time and 144hz refresh rate
amd freesync premium
srgb compliant with nvidia g-sync
99 percent color gamut with HDR 10
three-sided nearly borderless monitor
tilt/height/pivot customizable stand
HDMI connectivity technology.

Pure, professional-level play. LG’s 24″ UltraGear Gaming Monitor lets you play like a pro. Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS resolution with incredible 1ms response times. Personalized gaming power, ultra-fast 144Hz refresh times, and AMD FreeSync Premium to reduce tearing and stutter — all in a nearly borderless configuration with a tilt, height, and pivot customizable stand.

My Honest LG 27GN650-B Review

I believe it would be difficult to outperform this display for less than $380. Especially because the 27GL850 is frequently out of stock. You are having the following for the price:

– Basically LG 27GN650-B has the same panel as the 27GL850

– Outstanding response time and motion handling

– Nvidia G-Sync support – FreeSync

– colour space sRGB

– More money in your wallet – This display is currently in storage.

What it lacks in comparison to its older sibling:

– No USB ports – No full gamut color support – No HDR (though there isn’t much true HDR on the 850, but you’re not practically losing out)

On my LG 27GN650-B gaming monitor, I didn’t find any backlight bleed, stuck pixels, or intense IPS glow. I almost refuse to provide images of the display while it is turned on because the images do not adequately depict what I see in person. The pictures seem to show an unnatural light in the top right and bottom left corners of the screen, but I assure you that I do not see that in person and just through my camera.

The comparison is adequate. You won’t have the darkest blacks, but it always looks fantastic, and if you’re not nitpicking, I don’t believe you’ll find it too. The color on LG 27GN650-B gaming monitor pops well, but I suggest increasing the brightness to 75-80 to get the best out of the picture. I tested G-Sync with my GTX 1070 and had no issues. G-Sync is activated by now, so you won’t need to go through your configuration and fiddle with it. G-Sync, for the record, only operates via Display Port.

If you’re searching for a display in this price category, there’s no need to go any further.


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